Burbank is a Walking School

ABC: Always Be Careful

Burbank has always been a neighborhood school. The infrastructure for cars is very limited and increasing school traffic puts children at risk. Walking to school regularly has benefits for everyone.

  • Walking to school improves learning, promotes well-being and community, saves gas, and is often faster than finding parking.
  • Practice safe walking. Children should walk with an adult, sibling, or friend and use crosswalks and crossing guards.
  • Join a Walking School Bus with other families in your neighborhood.
Rolling Drop-off

If you need to drop your child off by car the safest place to do so is the Gale Road drop off area.

  • Approach Gale from Douglas Road and pull over between the signs.
  • Ensure your child is ready to exit the car curbside while you stay in the car.
  • A teacher or chaperone will be there from 8.25 am to assist.
  • After being dropped off, children walk down the footpath to the blacktop.
  • Please do not park in the drop off area, even for a short time. It is a no parking zone from 8 am -­‐ 9 am.
Safe Routes to school
Street Map

Safe Drop Off

Street Parking

If you prefer to park and escort your child to the blacktop, please park in a legal spot on the side streets around the school.

  • Note that Sharpe Road is one-­way during school hours. Please do not stop or park between the No Parking signs on Sharpe Rd; this area must be clear for the school bus.
  • Please avoid parking on School Street. Please obey all No Parking signs, and take care not to obstruct crosswalks, sidewalks, or driveways.
  • In the interest of safety Belmont Police will enforce parking regulations.
  • To avoid and reduce congestion, consider a “park and walk” option from quieter streets such as Bow Road, Shaw Road, Douglas Road or Watson Road.
Afternoon Pick Up

Walking is encouraged whenever possible. Walk home with your child after school, or form a "walking school bus" with other families in your neighborhood. There is no rolling pick up procedure at Burbank. In the afternoons you can park in a legal spot on side streets around Burbank, including Gale Road, and walk to the school to meet your child. Please do not park between the No Parking signs on Sharpe Road.

Staff Parking Lot

Burbank's small parking lot is reserved for teacher parking and fire department access only. Parents should not drive up the driveway to the staff parking lot between 8:00 am -­ 3:00 pm as the sign indicates.