Frequently Asked Questions

About the PTA and Fundraising for the Burbank PTA

What is the Burbank PTA?
The Burbank PTA is a non-profit parent teacher organization whose mission is to enrich the educational and social experience of the children that attend the Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School. The parents, teachers, and principal of the Burbank school work together as members of the PTA to achieve this goal.
Who Benefits From The Good Works Of The PTA?
Everyone does. While our children are the primary beneficiaries of the programs run by the PTA, parents and teachers alike benefit from the work of the PTA. Through our social events, parents are provided an opportunity to learn more about Burbank, to meet and work with other Burbank parents and staff, and to contribute to the educational and social growth of their children. Our classroom enrichment programs are designed in collaboration with teachers to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that complement the curriculum. The PTA also supports teachers’ initiatives and professional development. The PTA plays a vital role in enriching our children’s school experience, strengthening our school community, and supporting the school’s educational goals. Please join a PTA meeting for a summary of PTA community activities, classroom enrichment programs and other accomplishments.
How Does The PTA Raise Money?
The PTA's main source of revenue comes from our Annual Appeal.  We also raise funds through specific event and program offerings.  Thanks to the generosity of Burbank families, the PTA has been able to maintain its wide range of quality programs and also contribute to significant capital improvements to the school.
How Can I Get Involved And Support The PTA?
Throughout the school year, there are many ways for parents to volunteer at PTA-sponsored events, and volunteer opportunities are available for all levels of time commitment; during the school day or on evenings or weekends; and whether you want to take charge of organizing or just be handed a job to do. Please look over our Ways to Volunteer page to review some of the many ways you can get involved, whether for a few hours or on an ongoing basis. The event organizers will work with you to find times and activities that fit your schedule. There are other ways you can support the work of the PTA. We encourage you to check out the Support Us page and see what you can do to lend a hand.