PTA Executive Board

Organizationally, the PTA is comprised of the Executive Board, the PTA Committee Chairpersons, and the Special Event Chairpersons. Below is a description of the more than 35 positions that support the Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School.

Co-Presidents: Oversees the operations of the PTA with the assistance of the other Executive Board members. Two year position with one new co-president at the start of each school year. Jess Smith and Liane Brecknock

Treasurer: Responsible for all finances of the PTA and for the preparation of financial statements distributed at each PTA meeting. Assists the Executive Board when necessary. Must be familiar Quick Books. One year position. Rebecca Sen

Secretary: Responsible for preparation of the minutes at each meeting. Assists the Executive Board as needed. One year position. Kelly Fanning

For information, inquiries, and to get involved, please email one of the PTA Co-Presidents. We will be glad to help direct your message to the appropriate committee.


Jess Smith, Co-President
Liane Brecknock, Co-President
Rebecca Sen, Treasurer
Kelly Fanning, Secretary

PTA Committees

Annual Appeal & Membership: Coordinates and implements all membership and Capital Appeal mailings. Maintains list of names and addresses of those who join the PTA or contribute to the Capital Appeal. Sends membership information to the Massachusetts PTA and Burbank PTA Treasurer and Co-Presidents. Stephanie Hovsepian and Jennifer Thomas

BOKS (Build Our Kids Success): Manages the before school fitness program. Jill Callanan, Karin Lehr (advisory), Jim Mayall, Alissa Schreiner, and Carolina Bastidas

Box Tops for Education: Collects Box Tops for Education from Main Office drop spot and redeems them. Kim Elmore and Sonia Gulbankian

Burbank Walks: Organizes annual Walk to School Days (October & May) and promotes other programs to encourage walking to school. Hyon-Jee Voigt, Clare Crawford, Katie Sbay, Karin Lehr, and Jessie Bennett

Classroom Programs: Researches, coordinates, and schedules Enrichment Programs for each grade level with teacher involvement. Coordinates a parent observer to provide feedback for each program. Publicizes programs in the school newsletter after the program takes place. Kathy and Alan DerKazarian, Julia Coelho, Hannah Fischer, Sonia Gulbankian, Jamie Shea, Carrie Palmer

Garden Curriculum Integration: Works with teachers to create and implement curriculum related to the Garden Classroom. Manages classroom volunteers to facilitate projects. Jen Thomas, Virginia Cox, Laurie Bufano, Harriet Wong

Grant Writing: Works with the Burbank Principal to identify appropriate projects, locate funding sources, and apply for grants. Mary Lewis, Heather Barr, Carolina Bastidas

Green Team: Collaborates with faculty, other PTA committees and the Belmont community on issues related to recycling, reducing waste and environmental issues.  Also responsible for the rain barrels and composters at the School and for supporting the organic garden. Madeline Fraser Cook and Elizabeth Whitley

Landscaping-Garden Classroom:  Oversees volunteers and maintenance in the Garden Classroom. Elizabeth Whitley and Heather Barr

Landscaping-Grounds: Coordinates grounds clean-up and plantings twice per school year. Oversees maintenance of playground, including purchase of fibar mulch as needed. Sue Moss and Mary Lewis

Landscaping-Veggie Garden: Coordinates care and curriculum in veggie garden. Kim Foster, Alina Lisanke, Harriet Wong, Lori Anderson

Library: Assists Library Aide in various activities, including organizing cur rent collection, filing cards, pulling discard books, and processing new books. Schedule is flexible. Kathy and Alan Derkazarian, Hannah Fischer, Jean Mulroy, Kimiko Smyth, Sonia Gulbankian

METCO Family Friends: Pairs Belmont families with Boston families in the Burbank METCO program. Coordinates events for Boston and Belmont children in town-wide elementary school METCO programs. Jen Jurkiewicz

Nominating: Meets with PTA Executive Board to generate a list of possible volunteers for next year’s committee heads. Fills these positions by phoning potential volunteers. Presents slate at the April (update) and May (for a vote) PTA meetings. Note: Minimum number of members is three. Requires odd number of members. Harriet Wong and Alina Lisanke

Print Cartridge Recycling: Collects used ink jet cartridges from Main Office drop spot and redeems them. Katherine Poulin-Kerstein

Room Parent: Distributes parent volunteer survey at start of year, and collates and distributes the results to Committee Chairpersons. Chooses room parents. Meets with room parents at beginning of year to discuss responsibilities. Kim Elmore and Jennifer Knight

School Committee Observer: Attends a number of School Committee meetings per year with school committee observers from other Belmont elementary schools. Writes a summary of School Committee meetings to share with the Burbank PTA Co-Presidents and the School Committee Observers from the other elementary schools. Collects documents for Burbank at these School Committee meetings and gives them to the Burbank Co-Presidents. Alina Lisanke and Kate Blumenreich

School Directory: Gathers class lists from the school secretary, the Room Parent list from the Room Parent coordinator, and the PTA slate and events calendar from the PTA Co-Presidents. Creates, photocopies, and distributes the Burbank School Directory. Katherine Poulin-Kerstein, Sonia Gulbankian, Julie Sheffield, Carolina Bastidas

School Store: Purchases items to be sold at the School Store. Opens the School Store before school one day per week. Elena Hanley

Social Action: Coordinates all community support activities, including, but not limited to, food, clothing, and toy drives. Breda Zimkus and Katherine Poulin-Kerstein

Spirit Wear: Creates and distributes order forms; manages and distributes completed orders. Cathy Meyer and Mary MacDonald

Website: Works with PTA Executive Board and School Principal to update the Burbank PTA Website. Gene Clark and Clare Crawford

Welcoming: Coordinates and implements welcoming activities for incoming kindergarten parents and new Burbank families. Cathy Meyer and Mary McDonald

Special Events Chairperson

The following special events are held at various times during the school year. The chairperson or co-chairpersons coordinate and facilitate each event.

  • Book Fair (Fall) - Laurie Bufano (lead), Silke Berlinghof-Nielson, Kathy and Alan DerKazarian, Alissa Schreiner, Amy Zuccarello
  • Dr. Feinberg Geography Challenge (Spring) - Clare Crawford, Sonia Gulbankian, Priya Licht
  • Fall Social (Fall) 
  • Field Day (Spring) - Jill Callanan, Jim Mayall
  • Fourth Grade Moving On (Spring) - Laurie Bufano, Elena Hanley, Jamie Shea, Jennifer Thomas
  • Fun Run (Spring) - Julia Coelho, Katie Cook
  • Library Night - Kathy and Alan DerKazarian, Jen Greenleaf
  • Multicultural Fair (held every other year)  - Natsuyo Hamamatsu, Tatiana Pantazopoulos
  • STEM Week (Winter) - Laurie Bufano, Sarah Olken, Katherine Poulin-Kerstien, Janie Shea
  • Math Olympiad - Hyon-Jee Lee Voight
  • Movie Night (Winter) - Kelly Imberman, Alina Lisanke, Jesse Souweine
  • Skating Party (Winter) - Heather Brenhouse, Laura Hill
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon (Spring) - Subrabha Devy, Jamie Shea, Jennifer Thomas
  • Talent Show (held every other year)
  • Wilson Farm Day