What does the PTA do?

How does the PTA benefit our kids? And where do we spend the money?

The PTA is an all­ volunteer organization that relies on the generous involvement of parents. By working together we are able to make a big difference to the school! The purpose of the PTA is to enrich student learning, strengthen community, and support the school.  We are pleased to report on this year’s progress towards the segoals. 

The Burbank Parent Teacher Association would like to thank all parents volunteers for contributions of time, money, energy, and expertise.

Enriching Learning

A significant portion of PTA funds – over $10,000 ­­supports in­ school enrichment programs. A wide variety of visiting programs provide experiential learning opportunities that enhance the curriculum. 

Additionally, PTA events provide opportunities for families to come together and celebrate learning. STEM Night saw enthusiastic participation and a broad range of hands­ on exhibits and experiments. Every consecutive year the Geography Challenge has the largest number of student teams ever, and is an impressive display of knowledge and teamwork.

Since the school gardens were established in 2015, we have worked closely with teachers to identify areas of the curriculum that are enhanced by experiences in the gardens. There are meaningful curriculum connections for each grade, and all classes had an opportunity this year to get their hands dirty mixing soil, planting, measuring, tending, observing and investigating.

Building Our Community

The PTA builds community at Burbank by helping families connect with each other and with the school. PTA programs and social events strengthen our community. Friendships deepen as we dance together at the Fall Social, walk to school together, work together in the school gardens, and support our children’s social growth. Last year saw terrific participation by families, with a packed Library Night, a cozy Movie Night, and arich celebration of our diverse backgrounds and interests at Multicultural Night. Around 80% of Burbank students walked to school on Walking Wednesdays, helping to reduce traffic congestion and earn Burbank an award from Mass Safe Routes to School. PTA ­led community service activities and social action drives enabled our children to be contributing members of their broader community beyond Burbank. 

Supporting the School

An important aspect of the PTA’s work is to support Burbank staff and their excellent teaching.  We provide funding for classroom materials not covered by the Belmont Public Schools budget. This year we tripled the Principal’s reimbursement allowance and awarded $3,000 in PTA Faculty Grants. The eleven PTA grants covered a broad range of subjects, specialties and grades, and enabled staff to add an innovative project or element to their teaching. The PTA works closely with the school principal to respond to needs and support progress towards school goals. During the year we supported the District’s SEL Initiative by providing informative discussions for parents and training and SEL teaching tools for teachers. Thanks to your generous response to the PTA Annual Appeal, and by leveraging partnerships with the FBE and District departments, we were able to dedicate over $8,500 in extra ­budget funding for technology (a Smartboard for the music room,and a new sound system), teaching resources (a leveled reading library) and Open Circle training for six teachers. Thank you for making it possible for the PTA to go above and beyond to support Burbank.