School Closing Information

After consulting with the appropriate town departments, the transportation company, and school authorities in neighboring communities, the superintendent may cancel or delay the opening of school due to difficult weather conditions.

Please do not call the School Department/Schools, Police or Fire Departments or the Snow Emergency Hotline. Doing so will not provide you with the information you need and will disrupt and burden these operations.

Notice of school delays or school closings will be:

  • Posted on the Belmont Public Schools website:
  • Announced/listed on AM1030/WBZ (Channel 4), WCVB (Channel 5), and WRKO/AM680/WHDH-TV (Channel 7)

If it appears that normal dismissal procedures will be disrupted by an emergency, parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible and practical. Parents/Guardians may be notified or receive the information in the following ways:

  • Automated telephone message.
  • BPS e-mail (listserv) for the event information.
  • BPS Website ( for the event information.

There will be days on which parents/guardians, particularly of younger students, might feel that their children should be kept home because of weather. Although such absences are a parental responsibility and will be recorded as absences for the child, school authorities understand such decisions, provided they are implemented with discretion and care.

For more information go to School Closing Information on the district sit.

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