Senior Portraits for Belmont High School Class of 2021

Hayward Photography has recently been given the privilege of taking senior portraits for Belmont High School. Hayward Photography has been providing school photos for the Belmont school system at the elementary and middle school levels for several years and are pleased to now have the opportunity to take your child’s senior portrait. 

Hayward Photography will be offering outdoor mini sessions on the Belmont High School campus on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, October 7 from 1-3pm
  • Saturday, October 10 from 10am-1pm
  • Sunday, October 11 from 10am-1pm
  • Tuesday, October 13 from 3-5pm
  • Wednesday, October 14 from 1-3pm
  • Sunday, October 18 from 10am-1pm
  • Tuesday, October 20 from 3-5pm
  • Wednesday, October 21 from 1-3pm
  • Saturday, October 24 from 10am-1pm
  • November 1st from 11am – 2pm
  • November 11 from 10am - 12pm

Additional dates will be posted online. 

Your proofs will be available to view online and can be shared with family and friends to make selections and place orders. The basic sitting fee includes a digital image for the yearbook, which will be submitted directly to the school. 

View Senior Portrait Sitting Fees

Please visit Hayward Photography website, Go to Seniors and select Belmont from the dropdown menu. You will find the “Schedule Appointment” link on the left side of the page. This will direct you to our online booking system. 


To schedule an appointment, you must first create an account by clicking the “Login/Create Account” button. Fill in the required fields using the senior’s contact information, create a password, then click the “OK” button to register. 

NOTE: The email address you provide while creating your account will be the address we use to send your instructions to view your online gallery. Also, be sure to check that all spelling and phone numbers entered are correct before completing your registration. 


Once you have registered, you will see the available days and times. Only open appointment times will show. Simply click on a time slot to book your appointment. If no times are showing, then there are no available appointments left for that day.

To confirm your appointment please click on the “Create Appointment” button.

To end your session, select the “Logout” button.

At any time, you can click on “Future Appointments” and print the resulting web page to get a hard copy of your schedule. You can also have the schedule emailed to you.

As a courtesy to other students please give 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment. To cancel an appointment, login with your email and password, or contact Kate via email at or phone at 617-690-2492.

COVID Information from Hayward Photography

We at Hayward Photography are taking many precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone during these unprecedented times. To minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19 during the senior portrait sittings, we will be implementing the following procedures: 

  • Photographers will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing.
  • Sanitizer/Disinfectant will be available on site.
  • Anyone coming to the sitting location must have a mask on. The senior can remove their mask during the portrait sitting once proper distance has been established.
  • Seniors will not be able to view digital images in-camera during the sitting.
  • Photographers can make verbal recommendations for fixing hair and clothing issues.
  • To minimize paper contact, we strongly encourage using our online prepayment system for the sitting fee.

Please contact our office via e-mail with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you this year and returning to some normalcy this fall! We hope you and your family stay safe and well.

Everett Hayward
Hayward Photography