Community Service Schedule for Award

For students who will have 100+ hours this year, hours must have been accrued between June 19, 2020 and June 17. For the PVSA award, you must submit your online forms by June 17, 2021.

The Online Verification Forms must be submitted for EVERY activity counted toward the President’s Volunteer Service Award, even those performed after the required hours.

Verification Form

Verification Form 

In order to receive community service credit, Verification Forms (with a reflective journal) MUST be submitted online, preferably within 2 months of completion of the service. This applies to EVERY service activity, even if organized by the Coordinator.

President's Volunteer Service Awards

Award Levels Hours
Bronze 100-174
Silver 175-249


Any student may earn this national award by completing at least 100 hours a year of verified community service according to the Community Service schedule.

Department Contact
  • phone: (617) 993-5981
  • fax: (617) 993-5909
  • email: TBA, Community Service Director

During the school year, frequent emails with lists of current opportunities are sent to all students and parents through the Portal and List-serve.

General Definitions & Guidelines

Community service activities are those which students perform to benefit at least one other unrelated person and for which they receive no compensation or academic credit. Students will be working under the auspices of an organization—town government, school, non-profit organization, hospital, nursing home, or newspaper. Service to benefit for-profit businesses is NOT applied to the requirement, even if the student does not get paid!

Community service may be performed at any time during students’ high school careers, from the summer before freshman year until the last day of classes senior year. This includes free blocks at school as well as all non-school times and vacations within the freshman-to-senior time frame. Activity format is flexible; students may elect to engage in a single activity or many, over an extended or concentrated period of time.

Read more information on the Specific Guidelines page.