Marauder of the Week

Each week, members of the staff nominate 2 seniors for the spotlight, for outstanding accomplishments ranging from citizenship to extracurricular activities to scholastic. Our own Highpoint school newspaper staff profiles these students, and the interviews are published in the Belmont Citizen-Herald and posted on the BHS Website. We are excited for this opportunity to highlight a broad group of the amazing students at BHS!

Marauder of the Week: Friday, January 14th, 2022

Sami Awad

Sami Awad

An optimistic and conscientious senior, Sami Awad is a fitting Marauder of the Week. His jovial and eager-to-learn personality shines through the Belmont High School community and makes him a model student who embodies the school’s values. Sami’s favorite subjects over the years have been Calculus and Chemistry. He believes that while they seem different, they require the same skills; also, in both cases, his enjoyment of the subject is derived from its complexity. To succeed and gain meaning in these subjects, Sami thinks that it’s vital to form a true understanding of the formulas and theorems rather than simply regurgitating them.

Sami wants to recognize his most impactful teacher at BHS, Ms. Saxena, whom he had for AP Biology in his junior year. Sami says that although many students had trouble learning last year, Ms. Saxena kept pace with the curriculum and created an engaging classroom environment despite the difficulties of online learning. Ms. Saxena also kept students excited to learn by providing new and creative types of assignments.

Outside of the classroom, Sami has been a dedicated alto saxophonist in the BHS marching band since his freshman year, and more recently became an equipment manager for the band. He also serves as an underclassmen mentor program facilitator. However, Sami is most proud of his position as the senior class treasurer. Despite the challenges that the pandemic introduced, he and the other members of student government organized (and are still organizing) a myriad of fun events and activities, with the highlight being raising almost $20,000 for the senior all-night party at the end of the year! In addition to being involved with many BHS extracurriculars, Sami took advantage of quarantine by participating in online self-guided research exploring science and engineering topics through the Remote Experience for Young Engineers and Scientists program.

Sami’s words of wisdom for other BHS students are short and sweet (and especially relevant to seniors): “We only have five months left, have fun!”

By Shivane Pratap

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