Student attendance policy

Belmont School Committee approved revisions to our handbook regarding our attendance procedures this week. We believe that daily attendance at school is the first step for a student’s success at BHS, both academically and socially. Our priorities when revising the handbook language on attendance were: 

  • Simplify the policy as it is written to enable more adherence to the policy 
  • Communicate to students and families that attendance in class is important 
  • Clearly delineate the responsibilities of families, students, and educators 
  • Create a team approach that is effective in getting students back in class

You can find a copy of the updated language (excerpted from the handbook) attached here: BHS Attandance Policy Please review this information with your student(s) this weekend as the updates will take place beginning Monday 9/27. 

As with previous years, please call your student out using the attendance line (617-993-5999) when you know your child will be absent. Families will receive a robocall if their student(s) are absent from the first or second period and not called out by a parent/guardian. Families will also receive a daily attendance email if their child has an unexcused absence or tardy listed from that day. This will be the first line of communication to help ensure both educators and families can help support students to get to class on time each day, and offer assistance when needed. 

Please reach out to your child’s assistant principal with any questions regarding this policy. 

9th Grade- Sarah Winn

10th Grade- Beth Gavin

12th Grade- Dan O'Brien

11th grade- Ms. Gavin A-Go; Ms Winn Gr-Min; Mr. O'Brien Mina-Z