Schedule and Preparations for Full Return

date 4/28/2021

Students, please find the answers to many frequently asked questions about the new schedule and school logistics below. You can find here a copy of the new schedule as well as a link to a screencastify explanation of the schedule. Our assistant principals, Mr. O'Brien, Ms. Ruane, and Ms. Winn, will be hosting and optional office hour for any students tomorrow (Wednesday) from 12:00-12:30pm to answer any questions that you have in preparation for Thursday. You can find the link to that Google Meet in the FAQ section below! 

BHS Full Return FAQ

Where can I find a copy of the schedule?

The new full day schedule is available to view here. Please take a few minutes to view Ms. Winn’s explanation of the new schedule here. This schedule will begin on Thursday, April 29. 

What does this new schedule mean for me if I’m a remote-only student? 

If you are a remote-only student, you will follow this new schedule from home. You will continue to live-stream into your classes as you have done previously this year. Your classes and teachers will not change. You will see your classes, however, in this new schedule order. 

Is a bonus block the same as a free? 

No. You will stay in your class with your teacher and class (either in person or online via the meet) when you have a bonus block attached to the class. Your teacher will give you directions for how to spend that time - it may be focused practice on a skill, time to begin homework, time to study, or some other choice. Attendance at bonus blocks is required, but you may be given a choice on what to complete. If you are a remote-only student, your teacher will provide guidance about when to stay on the meet and when you can log out and complete work on your own. 

Tell me about Wednesday, please! 

As you can see from the schedule and the explanation above, Wednesday is now an in-person day for all students who have opted into in-person learning. Wednesdays do end earlier, though, at 12:40pm. Students can pick up a grab-and-go lunch after dismissal on Wednesday before heading home, but lunch is not built into the schedule on Wednesdays. 

What are the health and safety protocols for lunch? 

The goal is to have no close contacts by keeping students 6ft apart, facing the same direction, and not talking while they are unmasked and eating. To meet this goal, the tents are set-up to have students all face the same direction, 6ft apart. Students will be asked not to talk while they are unmasked. Once students finish eating, they can put their masks back on and talk, but should remain appropriately distanced.

Each table under the tent will have a seat number and a QR code. Students will scan the QR code to fill out a form identifying where they sat at lunch. We will utilize this seating chart information if contact-tracing is needed. 

Can you tell me about lunch logistics? Where do we go? Can we buy lunch? Is it hot or cold? 

  • All students will eat lunch outside - you may eat outside or at another designated outdoor location that is 6ft distanced from friends. Students who drive may eat in their cars, but only students who live in the same house should sit in a car together to eat. 

  • Lunch will be available for all students who wish to pick it up in the cafeteria. Students can also bring in their own food to eat at their designated lunch time. Because of state funding related to Covid, lunch is free for all students who wish to “purchase” it from the school. 

  • Students will be able to choose either a hot lunch, cold lunch, or salad each day. 

  • When it is your lunch time, if you brought lunch, you will head outside to the tents to eat 6 ft apart from others. If you would like to get lunch from the school, you will walk to the cafeteria, walk through the kitchen, and pick up lunch before heading outside to eat. There will be clear signage and people to assist with this process! 

Do 11th and 12th graders have open campus privileges for lunch? 

Yes, 11th and 12th grade students will be able to leave campus for lunch if they would like. Students must be back in time to be in their room at the appropriate time for their next class. 

Where do I go for free periods? 

Please continue to report to the cafeteria for free periods. Attendance will be taken and you will be assigned to a seat. This will not be impacted by lunch as all students will eat lunch outside at designated locations. 

Can I come late or leave early if I have a free? 

Yes, if you have a free first or last period, you may come late if you’ve been given permission on this form. Free Period Dismissal. You only need this to be filled out once - if your parents have already submitted the form, you are all set. If you have a free in the middle of the day, you should report to the cafeteria. 

Can I choose to stay home and livestream into classes on a given day if I’m an in-person student? 

No, if you are an in-person student you should be in the building every day unless you have been approved to be remote by the school nurses or plan to be absent and you are called in on the attendance line. The nurses may excuse students from in-person learning for medical reasons and will communicate that information with the appropriate people. 

I still have a question. How do I get an answer? 

The assistant principals, Mr. O’Brien, Ms. Ruane, and Ms. Winn, will have office hours on Wednesday 4/28 from 12pm - 12:30pm. Please feel free to jump on and ask a question. The meet link is here -