Class of 2020 Rolling Rally - Saturday, June 6th

As you all know, the pandemic caused the cancellation of all year-end activities and events for the Belmont High School Class of 2020.  As a way to celebrate our seniors, senior parents, with the support of Belmont town officials,  have organized a rolling rally through Belmont on Saturday, June 6th. The rolling rally with begin at Noon at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Boston Temple in Belmont Hill and will proceed along the following route:

Start:    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Boston Temple, 100 Hinckley Avenue, Belmont

Right        Park Avenue

Right        Prospect Street

Right        Clifton Street

Left          Pleasant Street

Right        Brighton Street

Right        Cross Street

Right        Channing Road

Left          Leonard Street, under bridge

Right        Common Street

Left          School Street

Right        Washington Street

Left          Common Street

Right        Trapelo Road

Left          White Street

Left          Beech Street

Right        Waverley Street

Straight    onto School Street

Left          Goden Street

Right        Concord Avenue

Left          Underwood Road

Right        Hittinger Street

 PLEASE COME OUT TO CELEBRATE OUR SENIOR CLASS AS THEY ROLL ALONG THE STREETS OF BELMONT.  Make some noise, give them a wave and shout out some words of encouragement.  We know they will be very grateful for your support.  Please also be mindful of the current social distancing requirements.  

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