Senior Projects from the Class of 2020

The English department proudly presents Senior Projects from the Class of 2020. Among the projects are senior theses and capstone products. Students writing a thesis demonstrate their ability to create an original argument and synthesize multiple sources including secondary evidence. Students creating a capstone product investigate an inquiry question that is intellectually and emotionally engaging and culminates in academic and creative expression. Both projects show the growth of students’ thinking and writing over the course of a year and are amazing accomplishments.

Student Capstone Product/Senior Thesis
Honor Hickman Music: The Art of the Invisible
Grace Patrone “The Script”
Nena Trifunovic “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum”: Resiliency Through Subverted Imagery and Symbolism in Atwood’s Works
Julia Giatrelis Society’s Code Word for Brainwash is ‘Normal’: How Language, Labels, and Terminology Shape Man’s View of Gender and Sexuality
Abigail Yu The Good Ol' Days: The Enticing Influences of the Past in the Works of Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss
Elizabeth Carey “Alone, We Can Do So Little, Together, We Can Do So Much”: Individual vs. Community
George Bikhazi "Your Phone, Unlocked"
Ian Svetkey On the Origin of Family: How Multigenerational Narrative Exposes Identity and Divergence in Familial Relationships
Idris Abercrombie Secret Lives
Andrew Xu Reflections on Medicine
Catherine Cunningham Music in a Medical Setting
Emily Sabia Embracing The Journey: The Hero’s Journey in Tan’s Work
Anna Doherty Mental Health in Female Athletes
Meredith Chasse Travel: An Art Exhibit
Prakriti Tamang Nature
Jenny vetrano Technology and Covid-19: Senior Year Edition
Emma Sutherland Government Surveillance: the Balance between Privacy and Protection
William Hannah R E 1 N C A R N ª T 1 0 N
Annette Tzouvelis What is Art?
Jane Wenzel Projected Prosperity
Benicio Taggart The Court of the Righteous pre-written adventure
Libby Cahoon Finding Yourself in Travel
Anne Fletcher Sci-Fi Film Script
Paul Muser Where is the Future of Human Genetic Engineering?
Matthew Fiore The Wallace Tales
Sophie Falcone Mental Health Effects of Sexual Assault
Nate Jones nondual
Vanessa Yuzlek The Smile App
Benjamin Boyle Of Winter and Ash
Spencer Price Chasing a Dream
Aidan Matrician Music and our minds
Ziyong Cui The Reality of an Illusion: Constructive Pessimism in the Works of Philip K. Dick

Congratulations to the Students of Senior Class!

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