Letter to Parents and Guardians: Phase 2 of the Remote Learning Experience

To our Patient and Understanding BHS Students and Families:

It has been wonderful to hear from many of you over the past week. We learned of students who have taken up new hobbies (like baking and hiking) and we were wildly entertained by the PAC who chose to put their talents on display in “Shreknology the Musical.” Hopefully you were all able to check out their youtube video - thank you to Mr. Flam and the PAC for giving us a reason to smile and sing along!

We are writing to you with some updates regarding:

  • Quarter 3 grades (“To P or not to P: That is the Question”)
  • Phase 2 of our Remote Learning Experience
  • Quarter 4
  • Supports we have in place for students

Quarter 3 Grades

When we left school on March 12th, you were more than halfway through the third quarter in your classes. Recognizing the hard work that you put into that quarter, we have decided that we will assign letter grades for quarter 3. Please note: teachers will take into account the fact that you may not have been able to turn in makeup work or retake tests prior to our departure. If you feel that your quarter 3 grade is not reflective of what you may have been able to earn if we had finished the quarter in school, you have the option to take a “P” in any given course for quarter 3. For those of you who may not know, a “P” stands for “Pass” - it means that you will earn credit towards the class however that quarter will not impact your final grade or GPA. We assign Ps every quarter (even when we are in school) for various reasons. Teachers may also choose to assign you a P in quarter 3 if you were on the brink of a D/F. We promised that we would hold you “harmless” because the COVID-19 school closure is not your fault - this approach to quarter 3 grades demonstrates our commitment to this promise. 

Here is a quick timeline overview of what was just outlined:

  1. Quarter 3 grades will be sent to you on April 15th.
  2. You will have until May 1 to opt for a P in a course (we will send you a Google Form to use to request the change)
  3. Quarter 4 begins April 6 (Juniors and Seniors: please pay attention to your PE schedule - if you start a new PE course in quarter 4 you will be responsible for work completion in that course).

Phase 2 of the Remote Learning Experience 

Since March 23rd, we have been in Phase 1 of our Remote Learning Experience. Phase 1 was marked by:

  • Teacher-provided enrichment opportunities and review materials
  • No requirement for student work submission 
  • Teacher Office Hours: a timeframe during the week for teachers to answer your questions and to connect with you (via Google Meet or email)

Now, we are moving into Phase 2 of our Remote Learning Experience. Here is what you need to know about Phase 2:

  • Teachers will send out a weekly overview grid of work to be completed.
  • You should expect about 3 hours of work (total) per day.
  • You will be required to turn in work for credit.
  • Teachers will continue to hold office hours to answer questions, provide support, and maintain connections.
    • Please note: we now have an internal schedule for office hour offerings broken down by day and department so as to minimize overlapping sessions. Your teachers will inform you of their scheduled hours.

Quarter 4

Quarter 4 begins on Monday, April 6th. Students will receive “Credit” or “No Credit” for quarter 4. You must earn “Credit” in your class in quarter 4 to earn credit for your class for the year. If your personal circumstances make it difficult to complete work to earn credit, please reach out to your teacher, guidance counselor, and/or assistant principal. 

Senior spring athletes: you will receive credit for your spring sport even though the season was cancelled.

Seniors With Fewer than 40 Hours of Community Service: we will waive the community service graduation requirement for this year only. 

Please note: If students opt to take a P for quarter 3 and earn “Credit’ for quarter 4, they will still be assigned a letter grade for their final grade (which is the only grade reflected on the transcript).

Student Support


We had a great meeting with your guidance counselors this week - they miss you, too, and are thinking about you all. Please continue to reach out to your counselor as needed. 

JUNIORS - Your guidance counselors will be reaching out to you starting next week to set up remote college meetings. Please be on the lookout for communications from your counselor. 


If you have concerns about your ability to access technology, please use our technology support request form (click here) or reach out to Mr. Mazzola, our Director of Technology (smazzola@belmont.k12.ma.us)

If you are currently thinking, “My life is really challenging right now...”:

If you have concerns about work completion due to your circumstances at home, please reach out to your teachers, guidance counselor, and/or your assistant principal. Please communicate with us and advocate for yourself. We can help you and our support requires you to take the first step of reaching out to us.

We know that there are many, many unanswered questions in your heads and hearts right now. If you or your parents have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please keep in mind:

  • Your teachers are an excellent resource for questions about quarter 3 grade assignments and Phase 2 content. 
  • Your counselors can support you if you have questions about course selection or would like resources for dealing with the realities of our current situation, 

As always, the administrative team (your principal and assistant principals) are also here for you when you need us. We are thinking of you all. We miss you and we will get through this together.


High School Administration:

Mr. Taylor, Ms. Ruane, Mr. Bruno, Mr. Brow, and Mr. O’Brien

Curriculum Directors:

Mr. Asadoorian (Visual and Performing Arts), Ms. Baker (Science and Technology), Mr. Brown (Guidance) Mr. Davis (Athletics and Wellness) Ms. Foley (Foreign Languages), Ms. Hurtubise (English Language Arts), Mr. Mazzola (Technology), Ms. McDevitt (Social Studies) Ms. Rinder (English Language Learners), Ms. Soliozy (Math)

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