Course Selection Process for the 2020-21 School Year Overview


Dear Belmont Families:

The process of registering for classes for the 2020-2021 school year begins with the course recommendation process. Beginning last week through this coming Monday February 10th teachers began speaking with students and entering course recommendations for next year. Teachers will continue to discuss these recommendations, as well as provide information on elective offerings in their departments over the coming weeks. The Program of Studies for the upcoming school year can be found online at: BHS Program of Studies 

At the end of the day Tuesday February 11th students will be able to access the course selection forms in their PlusPortal. The online page will allow students to see the course recommended by their current teacher and request courses for the 2020-21 school year. These forms must be submitted by the students through the portal no later than February 28th. After submitting requests, students will meet with their respective guidance counselors from March 2th – March 18th to review the requests. 

Students who during the request process choose a course that is higher in level than what was recommended by their teacher will need to complete the Course Placement Review Form and should first speak with their teacher to discuss the recommendation. Course Placement review forms can be found on the course selection page of the BHS website under each of the department’s information. These forms must also be completed and submitted by February 28th to the current teacher in the department in which you are requesting a change in course level. 

All students must register for at least 32 credits (including 2 credits for PE). Future eleventh graders must register for 32 credits, two of which must be PE electives, and future tenth graders must have 32 credits, 2 of which must be Positive Decision Making.  If you have any questions, please contact your student's guidance counselor.

Please use the new time management calculator to help estimate the amount of hours you may spend on homework when selecting courses. It can be found at:  Time Management Calculator 

Important Dates in the Course Selection Process:

January 31st - February 10th – Teachers will talk with students about their course recommendations and answer any elective questions regarding classes in their department.

February 10th - Students will receive their course recommendations in their PlusPortal account on the course request form.

February 10th - 28th – Students will submit online through PlusPortal their course request. These are due by February 28th. Students who disagree with their placement recommendations meet with their teachers to start the placement review process. Placement review forms can be found in the course request page under each department. This is an electronic form that must be submitted to the current teacher by February 28th. The final form must be signed off by the teacher and submitted for review to the director of the department no later than March 20th. 

February 28th - Students must turn in via the online Portal their completed course requests. If requesting a higher level course than recommended the course placement review form to must be submitted to the current teacher as well. 

March 2th – 18th - Students meet with their guidance counselors to review choices and check graduation credits.

If the deadline is missed or the paperwork is incomplete, guidance will use the teacher recommendation to choose the best schedule for the student. Requests for changes in core courses that require a recommendation cannot be made after the February 28th deadline. Final elective changes must be made no later than the March meeting with your guidance counselor. There will be no add/drop period at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.


Isaac Taylor

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