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Marauder of the Week

Each week, members of the staff nominate 2 seniors for the spotlight, for outstanding accomplishments ranging from citizenship to extracurricular activities to scholastic. Our own Highpoint school newspaper staff profiles these students, and the interviews are published in the Belmont Citizen-Herald and posted on the bulletin board by the main office. We are excited for this opportunity to highlight a broad group of the amazing students at BHS!

Marauder of the Week: Friday, November 1st, 2019

Kripa Paudel

As the leader of the BHS Dance Club, an active volunteer, and someone who's always open to meeting new people and making friends, Kripa Paudel is unquestionably a deserving candidate for the Marauder of the Week.

In school, Kripa is interested in math and biology, for she believes that math is essential in one's life since it's "connected to so many things," and she loves to solve problems and give herself a challenge. As for biology, she enjoys how it allows her to learn new concepts and offers fascinating insight into herself and the environment around her. Of the classes she has taken at BHS, Kripa says that AP Economics with Mr. Striet was the class that has been the most influential to her. Kripa explains that the content of the class was very captivating, and it opened a new perspective for her into the world of economics. She loves the class so much that she's thinking about either double majoring or minoring in the subject.

Aside from academics, Kripa is part of the BHS Dance Club, where they do "different types of modern dances such as hip-hop along with step." Last year, they even won first place at Belmont Idol! Additionally, Kripa is passionate about helping others in the community. She says that through her experiences doing community service, she has been able to "realize the positive influence I can have in my environment and the world," inspiring her to continue helping throughout the community. From this, it is no surprise that Kripa is most proud of her volunteering at Nepali Class Boston (it's a Nepalese language school that teaches children and young adults the language and the culture of Nepal), where she helps new generations of Nepalese Americans "learn about their background and become more connected to their heritage and culture." Furthermore, the program has taught Kripa more about the value of collaboration and teamwork.

Finally, Kripa's words of wisdom are for the underclassmen to "enjoy their time in high school and live life to the fullest, because tomorrow isn't promised," recalling how her own four years in high school went by in a blink of an eye.

By: Tiffany Hu

Jenna Crowley

There is no doubt why senior Jenna Crowley was chosen for the Marauder of the Week. Not only is she successful in academics and extracurricular activities, Crowley is a dedicated member of the community. In school, Crowley is a student involved in rigorous classes. Outside of school, she participates in various sports and community services. 

Crowley’s favorite subject in school is zoology, where she says her teacher Ms. Williams makes the world around her much more intriguing. However, Crowley says that teacher Ms. McDevitt has been the most influential to her because she is the one Crowley relates to the most. Crowley says that “she is the kind of teacher that makes you look forward to class and was always positive.” Through her junior year, Ms. McDevitt always pushed Crowley to reach her potential and helped her when she was struggling.

After school, Crowley is a passionate athlete. She plays for the varsity volleyball, hockey, and softball team and is the assistant captain of the hockey team this year. Sports challenge her mental and physical strength, but they also are enjoyable opportunities for her to meet new people and cooperate in a team. 

As the Co-President of the Student Leadership Team, she helped set up the fundraiser “Serving for Soldiers” at her own volleyball game to raise money for the New England Center and Homes for Veterans. She says that giving back to the community is extremely important to her which is why she is part of such fundraisers. Crowley also sang the national anthem that night for the fundraiser, and she says that she has much love for music—specifically playing piano and singing. She is indeed a versatile student, with passions in many areas. 

Crowley says that in school she hopes students are kind to each other and take part in different activities, especially those that contribute to the community.

Congratulations on your nomination Jenna!

Katherine Bai 

Kripa Paudel  Jenna Crowley 

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