Access to the High School site for Walkers, Cyclists, School Buses, and Parent drop off

Below, please find a site map and a student vehicle registration form which you may find helpful.

Map with key

Student parking registration form

Walking and biking onto the site

If you are a walker or a biker, the site can be accessed by using the newly installed cycle/walking paths on Underwood and Hittinger streets. Enter the site, and stay to the left (this area will be separated from traffic). Follow the drive to the school building, where you will be able to cross over to the school without cutting through traffic. There are bike racks at the East door (this is the new front door, facing the parking lot) and at the old front door (on the south side of the building facing the pond). 

Walkers and bikers can also enter the site by using the newly created cycle/walking path on Concord Ave, across from Orchard St. As you may know, there is a crossing light on Concord Ave at this location. This path is lighted, and will loop around the west side of Claypit Pond (the shortest route). Bikers are reminded to pay attention to pedestrians and share the path.

Taking the bus

If you take the bus to school, you will be dropped off and picked up by the new front door (the East door, facing the parking lot). Athletic buses will also load and unload in this area.

Student drop off and pick up

The drop off and pick up area at the high school is in front of the new front door (the East door, facing the parking lot). Enter the site from Underwood or Hittinger streets, continue to the end of the drive, and take a right when the drive ends. Keep in mind that buses will be using the same area for pick up and drop off. Always stop behind buses when they have their lights flashing. Students and faculty will be crossing this area after parking, so be aware of pedestrians crossing in front of you. After dropping your child, continue around the parking lot and follow the newly constructed drive, which will return you to Hittinger street. From here, you can exit left onto Hittinger or drive straight onto Trowbridge.

Student and visitor parking

Access the site from Underwood or Hittinger streets. Once you enter the school site, take your first right to access the parking area. Students must park in the student area, which will be clearly defined with white striping. Faculty and visitor parking spaces are painted yellow. Student parking is on a first come, first serve basis. If no parking is available on site, students should find parking spaces off site. Students wishing to drive to school should register their vehicles here. There is no limit to how many vehicles a students can register, so I would encourage students to enter any vehicle that she or he may drive to school (students registering more than two vehicles will have to submit the form twice). 

Accessing the site during school hours

Due to continuing work on Underwood Street, I encourage families and visitors to use Trowbridge or Hittinger streets during school hours. Only the East door (facing the parking lot) will be accessible during the school day. Please press the buzzer and state your business to gain access.

Review of access arrangements

I anticipate that access to the school site will be challenging but manageable in the coming weeks and months. The school department will continue to work proactively with the police traffic safety team and the town to monitor safety and traffic flow, and we will make adjustments as needed. 

Safety is our top priority. There will be additional  police details and staff presence for the first two weeks of school while we all adjust to these new arrangements.

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