The School Site and Parking During Construction

Dear Belmont Families,

The start of the school year is rapidly approaching, and this year there will be some changes to the way we all access the high school as a result of the high school building project.

Attached, please find a site map for the high school, detailing the pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access to the site from August 2019 through June 2021. Under the new layout, there will only be one way in and out of the high school, and I would strongly advise that you leave plenty of time if you drop off your child at the high school. At the intersection of Hittinger and Underwood Streets, proceed onto the campus. Take your first right to park, and your second right to drop off. Vehicles and school buses will drop off students in front of the east door of the building (the door facing the parking lot). Following drop off, proceed around the parking lot, behind the now demolished tennis courts, and follow the newly created driveway to exit next to the Belmont Light substation on Hittinger. Due to ongoing road and sidewalk refurbishment, Trowbridge Road may be periodically inaccessible for vehicle traffic. 

Please note that there is a foot path to the high school from Concord Ave. 

Safety is our number one priority, and the Belmont police and fire department have worked proactively with the school to ensure the safety of walkers, cyclists, and drivers during construction. We will continue to coordinate with the town’s dedicated public safety professionals, who will be assessing the situation and recommending changes where they would improve accessibility and safety.

Students wishing to drive to school should register their vehicles here. There is no limit to how many vehicles a students can register, so I would encourage students to enter any vehicle that she or he may drive to school (students registering more than two vehicles will have to submit the form twice). Students must park in the student area, which will be clearly defined with white striping. Faculty and visitor parking spaces are painted yellow. Student parking is on a first come, first serve basis. If no parking is available on site, students should find parking spaces off site.

High school administration and the Belmont police will be on hand during the first few days of school to help everyone get used to the new configuration. Thank you in advance for your patience during the construction project, which I am sure will soon feel like the new normal!

Below are some frequently asked questions that have been asked over the summer. I will keep this list updated, and will share it with you periodically.


Isaac Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there signage on the site?

Yes, there will be signs and barriers to help drivers, bikers, and pedestrians navigate the new layout.

Where will athletic buses pick up and drop off students? 

Athletic buses will pick up and drop off athletes in the same location as the school buses (in front of the East door). There will be no vehicular access to the field house.

How much time should I leave? 

We anticipate greater traffic volume on the site than in previous years. Plan you commute based on additional traffic.

How much student parking will be available? 

There is more student parking this year than in the 2018-2019 school year. Student parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

How will parents access the school? 

All access is through the East door (the door facing the parking lot). After 8:15 the door will be locked. Use the buzzer to gain access. For parents dropping off forgotten items, there will be a table near the greeter. For all other business, check in at the greeter’s desk.

Is the field house (gym) accessible? 

The field house will be accessible throughout the building project. New locker rooms and a weight room have been built to serve us over the first phase of the project.

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