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Marauder of the Week

Each week, members of the staff nominate 2 seniors for the spotlight, for outstanding accomplishments ranging from citizenship to extracurricular activities to scholastic. Our own Highpoint school newspaper staff profiles these students, and the interviews are published in the Belmont Citizen-Herald and posted on the bulletin board by the main office. We are excited for this opportunity to highlight a broad group of the amazing students at BHS!

Marauder of the Week: Monday, June 10th, 2019

Asanti Andrews

Dancer, student, friend, and all-around great person: these are just a few of the words that can most definitely be used to describe Asanti Andrews. The future senior has many passions, including dance, nursing, and science. In fact, she has been dancing at the same studio for 13 years and regularly volunteers there throughout the week. She hopes to pursue dance on the side in the future. Her main goal however, is to study nursing in college and to work toward attaining this career. She believes the reason why she is so attracted to nursing is her love of helping people who are in need whenever she has the opportunity. As for science, although she didn’t enjoy physics in her freshman year, she has grown to love the subject throughout her years at Belmont High.

Andrews also mentions that she is very proud of being able to connect with people in the Belmont community and help out whenever the school needs her. She is very grateful for the way that the people at the school have treated her and welcomed her with open arms. This is why she hopes to get more involved in the Belmont community in her senior year. When asked what advice she would leave for underclassmen, Andrews expressed, “Always follow your dreams and when things are tough, just work through it and be the best person you can be. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do because you are your own person.” These words sum up Asanti Andrews fairly well; her caring, polite, and determined personality shine through. We wish her a bright future and only the best for her senior year!
By Ani Belorian

Lily Sama

Junior Lily Sama is our Marauder of the Week. With a passion for academics and a distinct dedication to her community, it’s no wonder she was chosen for this honor. Her favourite subjects in school are economics, which she says provides a new perspective for her to examine the world, and biology, which she enjoys for its appreciation of the complexity of living things. Of the teachers she has had in her high school career, the one she credits as being the most influential to her is Ms. Guastella, her current English teacher. In addition to her rigorous academics, Lily is very involved in the Arlington-Belmont crew team, as sport that she says has taught her an innumerable amount of life lessons about teamwork, consistency, and friendship. One way she says she has felt that throughout the whole school was in the strength and sense of community that grew at the high school in the wake of her friend Cleo Theodoropulos’s passing this April. Despite the unthinkable, she has never felt safer and more comfortable being around her classmates and teachers, and this is something she “holds so incredibly close” to her heart. When asked what words of advice she would give to her fellow students, Lily reminded us all to express love and kindness as often as possible, “for nothing is guaranteed, and life changes too quickly to waste time sending bad energy”. Wise and important words we all need to hear once in a while, indeed. By Elisabeth Pitts

Marauder of the Week: Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Amir Hagani

Junior Amir Hagani, a diligent student with an interest in physics, is this week’s Marauder of the Week. The teacher he credits with being the most influential to him in his time so far at BHS is Ms. Murphy, his ELL teacher, who has “helped [him] a lot with English.” However, his favorite school subjects are physics and mathematics; he is “passionate about learning serious physics” and plans to become a physicist. Although Amir has “always tried not to be the [type of person] who compliments himself,” he believes that an intense focus on one area of study, like his focus on physics, “will give you the power of success” in that subject.

Outside of academics, Amir is proud of the community service activities in which he has participated: he is a member of the Project Bread club at BHS, an organization committed to preventing and ending hunger in Massachusetts; and he also volunteers at Belmont Manor, a local nursing home, talking and playing with the residents and helping them with odd jobs such as cleaning.

To other BHS students, Amir’s advice is, “Knowledge never diminishes when it is used.” He feels that everyone should try to “be creative in life,” and most importantly to “use our knowledge in good ways.”
By Claire Svetkey

Gilchrist Imboywa

Whether you know Gilchrist Imboywa as a talented and driven student, you'd probably recognize him as a familiar face within Belmont. It is no doubt that Gilchrist is a deserving candidate of this week's Marauder of the Week. A driven and hardworking student, Gilchrist's favorite subjects are English and History. He says these subject are interesting to him because unlike many other subjects, there is no one right answer and the possibilities are indefinite. Gilchrist explains, "with History, there is so much to look at and how people behave and why people behave in certain ways." Also, he sees English as a "sidekick for History because, with History, you are looking at what happened, English helps you with why was that happening." As for which teacher has been the most influential to him, Gilchrist states that all his teachers have been extremely helpful toward him. However, the two teachers that have influenced Gilchrist the most are Mr. Reynolds, his freshman English teacher, and Ms. White, his sophomore AP US History teacher. Gilchrist recalls how Mr. Reynolds always has a smile on his face, and it has inspired Gilchrist always to have a smile on his face. As for Ms. White, Gilchrist says that she is "extremely supportive and helping him coming along as a student," seeing her as his mentor.

When asked what he's passionate about, Gilchrist replies that he's excited about a lot of things, but especially volunteering and helping others. For Gilchrist, helping others has been especially impactful to him, because he has seen kids in Africa who do not have the same privileges many of us have here in America, such as electricity and vaccines. From this, it is no surprise to know that Gilchrist is the Head Planner and Community Outreach for ImagineNoMalaira hoop shot, where they raised over $7,000 to help those in Africa with Malaria. On top of that, Gilchrist is also an Assistant Educator for BASEC, as well as a founder of The Humble podcasting network, which is available on six platforms; iTunes, Spotify, Youtube iHeartRadio, Spreaker, and local public access television. Gilchrist is most proud of himself for receiving the SILS Award (Middlesex League Principals' Scholarship Integrity Leadership and Spirits Award). He states he felt "honored to be awarded by Mr. Brow" because he felt gratified that his involvement and leadership was recognized.

Gilchrist's words of wisdom are, "Don't cheat yourself," explaining that it's okay to put on a facade sometimes, but when you start lying to yourself, "you've lost yourself."
By Tiffany Hu

Marauder of the Week: Monday, May 13th, 2019

Deniz Dutton

A studious artist, competitive climber, and a student passionate about social and environmental issues, Deniz Dutton unmistakably is a well-deserving Marauder of the Week. Deniz is most interested in Environmental Science which she plans to pursue at the University of Vermont. However, she says that she tends to be drawn more toward the natural sciences because she has always been fascinated by nature and its complicated processes. From this it is no surprise to know that Deniz is passionate in her commitment to social and environmental issues. Deniz believes that "all of humanity's problems can be solved by nature," and for that reason is why "we must preserve it for future generations.” On top of that, she is also passionate about other cultures and their histories. Deniz believes it's "an important field of study because the past is an invaluable resource for solving the current problems in civilization, combined with new knowledge and innovation."

Deniz is most proud of herself growing so much over the years at BHS, learning the "art of balancing school and life" as well as "working hard to achieve your goals.” After all, "it's no easy feat!" When asked who is her favorite teacher at BHS, Deniz replies with Mr. Milowski, also known as Milo. Deniz says she feels her art has improved immensely with the support he provides in his AP class. Also, "he has always been there to talk to as both a friend and a teacher." Outside of school, Deniz is part of the climbing team at Central Rock Gym in which she has been climbing for six years, and competitively for the last three. Deniz also works at Vicki Lee's as a barista and is the retail assistant (she encourages everyone to come by anytime; they're known for their pastries!). Furthermore, she spends her weekends being a Farm Ambassador at Drumlin Farm teaching kids about different animals.

As for advice for BHS students, Deniz's is honest and straightforward: "Don't stress too much about SATs, resumes, and college applications. You WILL get in. Just make sure you know what you want in a school, do your best, and all will be well," ending with a "Sincerely, a Senior who has Been Through It."
By Tiffany Hu

Viola Monovich

Senior Viola Monovich, a talented guitarist interested in the STEM fields, is a great choice for Marauder of the Week. Her favorite school subjects are Biology and Chemistry, as she is “curious about the way things work” in the natural world and “excited” by the answers to the biological questions that “contribute to human identity and function.” In keeping with this interest, last summer Viola interned in a Developmental Biology lab at Northeastern University, studying “how early life stress relates to diseases such as schizophrenia.”

Additionally, Viola is passionate about guitar; she currently plays guitar in the BHS Jazz Combo and takes private jazz lessons as well as weekly lessons at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School. She also traveled to Salzburg, Austria for a two week long master class with Eliot Fisk, a world-renowned classical guitarist. Last year, Viola’s guitar playing was showcased at BHS when she won the annual Concerto Competition; she was the first ever classical guitarist to win, and she performed movements from Fantasía para un Gentilhombre by Joaquín Rodrigo. Her dual interests have led her to pursue a double degree in Biology and Performance Classical Guitar at Johns Hopkins University and the Peabody Institute.

Viola truly exemplifies her own advice for other BHS students: “Find something outside of school that interests and excites you and don’t do it just because it looks good on your college application.”
By Claire Svetkey

Marauder of the Week: Monday, May 6th, 2019

Naina Woker

Whether you know Naina Woker as a friendly peer or a remarkable student with a variety of interests, ranging from animals to scuba diving, she has many qualities that reinforce her successes as well as the BHS community. During Naina’s time at BHS, she found a growing passion for Zoology and Drawing. She believes that her experiences in these classes helped her explore outside of her comfort zone and encouraged to “think outside the box.” Her enthusiasm for creative learning inspired her to combine her passions to create artworks of animals. In addition, she attributes further creative inspiration and intricate writing skills to Ms. Bloom‘s english class. Through the art of both drawing and writing, Naina believes that she has learned many effective method of self-expression.

Outside of school, Naina continues to explore her diverse interests through being involved with many extracurriculars. She is currently involved in Outdoor Track, Rare Disease Awareness Club, and Asian American Club. She is a formidable track athlete training hard daily after school, while also making time to run bake sales to fund the Rare Disease Awareness club and perform at Asian Culture Night. This year, she co-founded the Ocean Protection Club, which is planning to do local pond cleanups in a team building effort in association with the Animal Activism club. Naina is also very passionate about caring for animals and wishes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In the recent two summers, she volunteered at a veterinary clinic, providing her with valuable work experience through compassionate care to animals.

Through her years of high school, Naina claims that “It's important to explore and go after your interests, despite any self-doubts that you may have. And remember to always trust yourself; you are much stronger than you think!”
By Hoon Baeg and Hallie Liu

Marauder of the Week: Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Jessie La Roche

Jessie La Roche, a politically driven senior with a passion for government and social justice, is an excellent candidate for Marauder of the Week. She doesn’t have a favorite school subject, but she has enjoyed the electives she’s taken in the past, including Creative Writing and Modern World Issues, as the “freedom in the curriculum” allowed her to explore a broader range of topics she found interesting. The teacher Jessie cites as being the most influential to her in her time at BHS is Ms. Rothenberg, who was her English teacher both sophomore and junior years; Jessie appreciated Ms. Rothenberg’s “positive and constructive” feedback on assignments, and felt that Ms. Rothenberg always encouraged her to do the best she could.

In keeping with her dedication to social justice, Jessie is the captain of the BHS Speech and Debate team, as well as a member of the Ocean Protection club and a supporter of the Rare Disease Awareness club (although she doesn’t have the availability to attend their meetings, she contributes to their bake sales). She is particularly proud of her role as the Speech and Debate team captain, noting that the team attended its first formal competition earlier this year. Outside of school, Jessie’s passion for government and “politics in general… with an emphasis on social justice issues, in particular immigration reform and human rights law” led to her involvement with Jay Gonzalez’s gubernatorial campaign. She volunteered with the campaign from the beginning of last year until November’s midterm elections and is “extremely proud” of the work they did; despite Gonzalez’s loss, Jessie believes that the campaign “still accomplished some great things.” When asked if there was anything else that she would like others to know about her, Jessie instead responded that “this seems as good a medium as any to remind people to register to vote.” So, BHS, register to vote!
By Claire Svetkey

Jenn Muson

A student who loves helping others, is passionate about our planet, is a part of the Samaritans, and is the treasurer of the Belmontian Club, Jenn Muson is clearly a well-deserving Marauder of the Week. Jenn is interested in the sciences, especially physics and computer science, because “they feel the most applicable to life beyond school.” From this, it is no surprise to know that Jenn is most passionate about our planet, especially in climate change and understanding the damage we’re doing to the planet. She states that she loves “a good nature documentary and could spend hours reading about industrial farming and sustainable design.” When asked about which BHS teacher has been most influential to her, Jenn answers with Ms. Bosch, her junior year English teacher. She says that “Ms. Bosch was the kind of person who everyone connected with”, since she genuinely cared for her students, pushing them to challenge their own beliefs about the world, as well as how we are shaped by and help shape the environment around us. Personally, Ms. Bosch had a huge impact on Jenn’s “perception of justice” and helping her become “a better writer and person.”

Outside of school, Jenn does a lot of volunteering, participating in Model UN, and working at Rancatore’s (which she encourages everyone to come by to see her scooping ice cream after school sometime!). An active volunteer, she does a bunch of Belmontain sponsored activities, working at Samaritans suicide hotline, and help tutor fifth-grade students. As a matter of fact, Jenn is most proud of her being a part of Samaritans. Being a volunteer, Jenn answers calls and texts from people going through crises. She says the experience has really deepened her understanding of how difficult life can be, making her realize the significance of human connection. Furthermore, she explains that her experiences there have helped shape her into a “more empathetic and stronger person.”

Jenn’s advice is, “It sounds cliché, but for real don’t worry about what other people think, just be yourself! Once you stop worrying about if other people are judging you, you’ll be living an infinitely better life”, telling us to stay true to ourselves no matter what.
By Tiffany Hu

Marauder of the Week: Monday, April 8th, 2019

Nathalie Hansen

This week’s Marauder of the Week is senior Nathalie Hansen. An engaged, excellent student, her favorite classes are Stats and Economics, which she says are interesting to her because they use math in a way that is applicable in the real world. Nathalie says that for her, interesting classes are made so by passionate and invested teachers. She says that Modern World Issues, taught by Mr. Zilcoski, is a great example of that because not only is the class relevant to students’ daily lives, but Mr. Z also teaches with regard for the well-being of every student, given the stressful and often upsetting source material they work with. Not one to become discouraged when her interests don’t have an outlet, Nathalie started the Science Experiment club last year, and has successfully run it ever since. In addition to being a club leader, she is also on the varsity girls’ Arlington-Belmont crew team, which practices in the fall, winter, and spring. Having found her passion in politics, Nathalie volunteered over the summer as an intern for Senator Brownsberger, which she said was extremely interesting, especially seeing the way that policies present in our state and town are created. Nathalie hopes to study political science or public policy in college, with her central interest being in the way that government can affect people’s lives for better or worse. When asked what advice she would like to give underclassmen, she said “find a balance between school work and other extracurricular and try not to stress out too much about tests and grades, because ultimately one quiz or test is not going to impact your life”.
Congratulations on your nomination, Nathalie!
By Elisabeth Pitts

Marauder of the Week: Monday, April 1st, 2019

Justin Darling

This week’s Marauder of the Week is Justin Darling, the captain of the wrestling team. In school, he is most interested in the fields of mathematics and robotics. He likes how math is based on an intuitive logic that he can make sense of. Thus, it is more enjoyable because it is an easier subject for him. He is also interested in robotics, finding the experience of designing and trying out the robots exciting. Mr. Lefebvre, his robotics teacher and his former physics teacher, was particularly influential to him. Because Justin had moved from California last year, Mr. Lefebvre guided him through his new environment, helping out a lot whenever Justin had any questions.

As the captain of the wrestling team, he is extremely passionate for the sport. Having started in middle school, it has been his sole sport for all four year of high school. Moreover, he won the league all-star award in wrestling. As captain, he leads by setting the example for the newcomers. Outside of wrestling, he enjoys hanging out with friends, staying in shape, and succeeding in academics. He leaves us with a piece of simple yet powerful advice: “Don’t procrastinate.”
By Victoria Shaw

Marauder of the Week: Monday, March 18th, 2019

Brogan Madden

As a student passionate about hard work and independence, Brogan Madden is no doubt a perfect candidate for Marauder of the Week. Personally, Brogan is most interested in Anatomy and plans to pursue a career in medicine. Her interest in the medical field first sparked when she "spoke to a nurse practitioner who specializes in tropical medicine." This encounter had urged her to take Anatomy, which she greatly enjoys, stating how she loves the way it ties into the concepts she had learned in Biology, especially how the microscopic concepts build off of each other into Macroscopic Anatomy. When asked which class has been the most influential to her, Brogan replied photography with Mr. Roy. Brogan says that by taking photography, it has revealed a "creative and artistic side" of herself that she didn't realize existed.

In addition to being an academically driven student, Brogan also loves being supportive to others around her. She says that she is "most proud of being a part of the BHS Superfan club and getting to cheer on classmates all year round at different sporting events." From this, it is clear how Brogan loves to encourage her classmates and will always be that familiar face in the crowd that makes you feel that you can do it. Alongside that, it is no surprise to know that Brogan runs indoor and outdoor track.

Brogan's words of wisdom are, "Don't be that kid who gets coffee banned from the library. Clean up after yourself," prompting students to consider others around them, as well as highlighting the importance of coffee in high school student's life.
By Tiffany Hu

Cody Scarfo

Senior Cody Scarfo, an avid sports fan, is this week’s Marauder of the Week. Cody is currently most interested in English, as he is in the pilot class for Capstone and enjoys the opportunity to “create new products” unlike anything traditional English classes have produced in the past. The class he finds has been the most influential to him is Science Ethics with Ms. Baker, which has made him think about many topics from an angle he wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Although Cody isn’t involved in any extracurricular activities at BHS, he is a “passionate Belmont sports fan” as well as a fan of professional sports. Cody roots for a variety of teams across a variety of sports – the Boston Red Sox for baseball, the Boston Celtics for basketball, and the Boston Bruins for hockey – but his favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who play his favorite sport, football; he loves “watching the Steelers and engaging in football talks.” Besides sports, he likes “video games, music, sleeping” and Italian food (especially Chicken Parmesan, he notes). Cody’s proudest achievement in his time at BHS is the simple act of “being an open and friendly person.” He takes pride in the friendships he has formed in his years of high school, and in his “ability to grow as a person and be a great friend.”

Cody’s advice to other BHS students is both poetic and wise: “Be yourself and don’t let others change you. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your true colors. Be yourself and don’t make friends who don’t treat you with respect.”
By Claire Svetkey

Marauder of the Week: Monday, March 11th, 2019

Mayura Thomas

Mayura Thomas, an academically driven senior with a myriad of interests and hobbies, is a great candidate for Marauder of the Week. Her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry; she finds the subject matter compelling because it can “explain what goes on in the world,” and enjoys the labs, which, she says, bring to life the concepts taught in class. In particular, Mayura enjoys AP Chemistry with Mr. A, who “manages to find explanations to the weirdest of questions” and is clearly passionate about his subject; however, she also loves BC Calculus with Mr. Delorio.

As well as participating in academic extracurriculars – she is Secretary of the National Honors Society, tutors Geometry students, and is part of the Young Democrats Club – Mayura has been on the BHS girls’ varsity swim team for the past four years, and as a senior was elected its captain. She calls the swim team a “warm and welcoming community” and even makes the controversial claim that it is the “most spirited team at school.” Mayura is also proud to be a part of the Youth Group at the Unitarian Universalist church in Belmont; she thinks it is an “amazing” way to meet kids she wouldn’t necessarily get to know otherwise, and is especially proud of its many service projects, which include a recent trip to North Carolina to rebuild houses affected by flooding or hurricanes. In addition, Mayura loves to cook. When she was younger she would “pretend to be a contestant on Chopped” and make meals out of random ingredients; nowadays, although she doesn’t “play as much Chopped,” she still bakes cupcakes with her sister and makes dinner with her friends when she has time.

Mayura’s advice to other BHS students is, “Don’t be afraid of what others might think.” She says that everyone else is “worrying about the exact same thing,” so it is better to be true to yourself and happy with who you are than to make yourself miserable trying to conform. She adds that “maybe through your confidence, you will motivate someone else to be themselves.”
By Claire Svetkey

Janae Creech Moise

A passionate artist, a studious scholar, and a competitive cheerleader are just a few words to describe Janae Creech Moise and her achievements during her time as a student in Belmont High School. Janae is regarded by her peers as an accomplished artist in ceramics, drawing and painting, and performing arts. She claims that Mr. Milowsky has been the most influential figure to her in her pursuit of such artistry because “He’s someone I could talk to if I had a problem...He genuinely wants his students to succeed even if their main focus isn’t art.” Janae is also a member of the BHS Cheerleading team and the president of the BHS Dance Club. Janae attributes much of her social successes and personal confidence to these activities. “I love cheerleading because I’ve gained a lot of friendships through the team. It’s made me become more of a social butterfly and I definitely know how to be more of myself around other people.”

In academics, Janae is most interested in pursuing math and English due to their challenging yet rewarding aspects. She finds math to be one of her strong suits as she loves solving problems systematically. She mentions, “In math, working with numbers and remembering formulas is hard, at times, but I love solving problems!” For English, Janae finds the materials really interesting in their use of complex language to portray the world. “Sometimes I connect to a piece really well and become passionate about the work and it’s the best feeling.” Janae also takes creative writing as an elective course.

Janae’s word of wisdom to the student body is to “ask your teachers for help if you need it. I hated asking my teachers for anything, but I learned the only way I would get good grades was from actually understanding the material as opposed to getting by on what I know and guessing.”
By Hoon Baeg

Marauder of the Week: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Andrew Choy

Senior Andrew Choy, this week’s Marauder of the Week, is an athlete dedicated to community service as well as to helping animals. Because of his interest in animals, his favorite class is biology. However, the teacher he says has been the most influential to him during his time at BHS is his math teacher, Mrs. Lovett, because she has a “passion” for her subject and a teaching style that keeps him “interested and motivated” to learn.

Andrew has participated in a variety of extracurricular activities both in and out of school, including several sports: the BHS track, swimming and wrestling teams; karate; parkour; and the town swim team. He has been the captain of the town swim team for the past two years, and has not missed a meet in ten years. In addition to athletics, Andrew is proud of the amount of community service he has done, from “helping the homeless in Boston” to “rebuilding a school and houses in both West Virginia and Texas.” He has completed more than three hundred total hours of community service, earning him two President’s Volunteer Service Awards: a bronze award in his sophomore year and a gold award his junior year. Andrew’s passion for helping others extends to animals as well; he says that “helping animals is just natural” to him because “they were here before us” and should therefore be protected from any human inflicted harm. Andrew’s words of wisdom to other BHS students are simple: “Don’t skip school,” because you have the potential to “have an impressive impact on the community” if you contribute to it to the best of your abilities.
By Claire Svetkey

Brit Ellis

A student dedicated to helping others, Brit Ellis truly deserves the title of Marauder of the Week. Personally, she considers herself a “pretty average human being”. Her favorite subjects are psychology and math, and her favorite teacher is Ms. Shea. She feels as though Ms. Shea has been most influential to her because she is “genuinely interested and dedicated to her students’ work”. In addition, Ellis also says that Ms. Shea allows for creativity and is extremely open to student input. Outside of school, Ellis is very active. She goes to hot yoga and kickboxing, babysits for four different families a few days a week, works at Champion’s Sporting Goods, and is involved with a non-profit organization called HELPIS.

Ellis really enjoys helping people in any way she can, since it gives her “a sense of purpose and genuine gratification when doing so”. She loves how she can help the families in Belmont be a little less stressed by taking care of their kids. She’s also happy to make someone’s day a little bit better by working at Champion’s. Lastly, she’s also proud of the people around her, “not just for their kindness and humor, but for their willingness to talk about stigmatized subjects such as mental health.”

Additionally, Ellis is also very interested in the issues of mental health, as she has anxiety and other mental health issues. She wants to “prevent and help alleviate other people’s pain because I know how it feels”. As a result, Ellis is doing her Senior Capstone Project on the topic, raising awareness about mental health and creating a system that will hopefully be implemented within the next few years. She says that the new process is “a little overwhelming and intimidating”, but also that her partner and her teacher make it more manageable. She feels as though there’s a lot left to do, but is excited about the final product. Ellis plans on studying psychology in college so she can continue helping people in this field to the best of her ability. As advice for future BHS students, Ellis has three points: “1. Be kind and respectful towards everyone. 2. That being said, stick up for yourself and others. You deserve respect. 3. Take every single opportunity you get. Try new things. Meet as many people as possible. Explore what you’re interested in. You have no idea what could erupt from doing so. I wish someone pushed me to do so and told me that no one would judge me for doing what I want, and if they did, it didn’t matter.”
By Alice Liu

Marauder of the Week: Friday, February 8th, 2019

Jane Mahon

As the captain of the volleyball team, the president of Helping the Homeless, and a member of the basketball team, Jane Mahon is unquestionably a well-deserving Marauder of the Week. An accomplished student, Jane's favorite subject is economics which she plans to major in. She says that she “like the idea of analyzing the market and how changes in the market can impact people’s lives”. From this, it is no surprise that Mr. Streit, the economics teacher, has influenced Jane greatly. Jane explains that he’s a really understanding teacher and is the one who introduced her to economics. Aside from academics, Jane is also active in sports and clubs, such as volleyball, basketball, and Helping the Homeless. She states being involved in sports and clubs allowed her to meet and become friends with BHS students from every corner. In fact, Jane is most proud of her volleyball team for getting the first ever volleyball banner at BHS. Alongside that, she also said she felt extremely fortunate to get an internship at Rosie’s place, for it has enabled her to become passionate about social justice.

When asked about the capstone, Jane replied saying that the process has definitely been interesting. For Jane, she loves non-fiction, explaining that was what pushed her to take on the capstone (she’s doing the relationship between mental health and sexual assault). Despite the difficult process due to all the edits and annotations, Jane says her research has driven her to learn about serious issues that are relevant in our society today.

Finally, a few wise words from herself, Jane reminds us to “stay optimistic and understand grades don’t define you”, reminding us all that our actions speak louder than letters on paper.
By: Tiffany Hu

YoLei Chen

Yo-Lei Chen is an outspoken and active volunteer in her community. For that and other reasons, she is Marauder of the Week. In terms of her interests academically, she gravitates towards psychology and artificial intelligence. She is intrigued by the workings of the mind and human behavior, as well as helping out people who are suffering. Also, Yo-Lei is currently taking AP Computer Science, a Java-oriented class, where she can explore a variety of options to solve a single problem. In the future, she is planning to major in cognitive science and delve deeper into AI in order to pursue a career based around psychology and computer science. One of the most influential teachers for Yo-Lei was her 11th grade English teacher Ms. Bosch. As Yo-Lei is not a native English speaker, she struggled at first building up the confidence to share her own opinions as it can be intimidating to be vulnerable with your class, on top of the fears associated with her language skills. But with the amiable guidance of Ms Bosch, she was encouraged to trust herself and her own ideas and thoughts that should never stay locked up. Yo-Lei ultimately overcame her fear of speaking and writing English.

Yo-Lei is co-president of Working to Help the Homeless Club (WTHH). She and others organize community events, participate in service projects, and collect donations for local homeless shelters, i.e. Y2Y and Rosie’s Place. Ms. Melnikoff, an advisor of WTHH, has helped improve on her leadership skills and instill the value of making a difference in one’s community. Another community service activity Yo-Lei led was organizing Belmont’s first annual prom for senior citizens, which turned out to be very successful. She is overwhelmingly thankful for the Belmont community to provide her so many opportunities for volunteering, especially after having to cross the barriers of her age and background. A parting thought Yo-Lei leaves is to “Trust yourself and dream big”; a statement of optimism and hope. In addressing the students of BHS, Yo-Lei tells us that our youth gives us the possibility to make mistakes and fix them with all the time we have left in our lives.
By Sanya Malhotra

Marauder of the Week: Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

David Hwang

As captain of the BHS Ultimate Team and the vice president of the BHS National Honor Society, David Hwang is an accomplished individual in and out of school. David is currently most interested in biological research due to the practical application of sciences and innovative technology towards helping people with health concerns. Ms. Elfreth's AP Biology was the class that first sparked David's interest in his passion for applying innovative ideas and abstract hypotheses to real-life benefits through scientific evidence and systematic procedures. David claims that "there is more to scientific research than Quizlet terms and Khan Academy videos."

Outside the classroom, David is "passionate about barbecue sauce, playing the drums, watching Game of Thrones, and hanging out with friends and family." David feels the proudest of building deep relationships with the people of BHS and utilizing "every relationship as an opportunity for fun times, support, and communication." From his high school experience, his word of wisdom is to “think about the big picture!”
By Hoon Baeg

Carla Maier

As Marauder of the Week, Carla Maier juggles an abundance of responsibilities that have shaped her to be who she is today. Through her years in high school, she believes that her AP Chemistry and Neuroscience classes have been the most compelling due to their real life applications. She also enjoyed her art and history classes because they allowed her to be more creative and think outside of the box. In her senior year, Carla thought her AP English class was the most influential because it gave way for deeper thinking. This class led her to re-evaluate her own values in life and explore new parts of herself. Although a difficult class, Carla believes that AP English is definitely worth the extra effort.

Carla’s hard work through school made her an NHS tutor and one of the leaders of the school’s astronomy club. Outside of BHS, she works (and volunteers) at an after school program at Burbank Elementary School for 7 years. Carla considers her time at Burbank to be one of her proudest achievements. It’s one of her longest commitments and also taught her about her own role as a leader in the community. Aside from her job at Burbank, Carla is also passionate about art, politics, English, and science. Even with her busy schedule, Carla has always made time for these subjects in her life. Her main piece of advice for underclassmen is to remember that no matter how hard school becomes, there will always be people who are happy to support you. When life seems impossible, focus on the things that make you happy.
By Hallie Liu

Marauder of the Week: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Noah Merfeld

This week’s Marauder of the Week is senior Noah Merfeld. A dedicated student with a passion for arts and math, Noah says that he believes the key to success is working hard and showing what you can do. He personifies this philosophy with his prominent role in Chamber Chorus and participation in various after-school ensembles, including the senior acapella group and Madrigals. In fact, Noah is most proud of his annual participation in the Madrigals ensemble, singing around the high school and in various parts of the Belmont community. He also enjoys school spirit events and says that both do the important job of bringing the community together.

Although he only joined the music program in his sophomore year, Noah says that Mr. Landers, the choral director, encouraged him and gave him the confidence and musical knowledge to excel. He called it a “positive and different kind of learning”, which he says helps him refocus during the day and stay dedicated to his academics. Noah plans to continue singing in college. When asked what advice he would give to other BHS students, he summarized perfectly his own approach to his schoolwork, saying “Try to find a balance of academics and having fun with other stuff, extra curricular and sports. You don’t want too much of both.” He says it took him a little while to find that balance for himself, but that the outcome was worth it. Congratulations on your nomination, Noah!
By Elisabeth Pitts

Moushe Babroudi

Moushe Babroudi “I just want to be a positive person in people’s live:” Wise words from a wise man. I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with this individual and ask him a few questions about who he is, what he enjoys, and what he aspires to be.

To begin with, Moushe is part of various extracurricular activities. For one thing, there’s lacrosse, in which he play defensive midfielder and F.O.G.O. He is also part of his church youth organization, where he held a leadership role. Very impressively, he also buys and resells shoes as a business and helps to teach people how to do so as another business. And there’s over 200 people in the group that he teaches! Lastly, he is putting a lot of time into learning about real estate. Moushe was also the director of events for the PTSO last year. Furthermore, he was a team leader for an infantry unit while he was part of the Sea Cadets, a congressionally-chartered, U.S. Navy-based organization that serves to teach individuals about the sea-going military services. A teacher who greatly influenced this versatile intellectual is Mr. Streit. Moushe says that seeing him from the classroom perspective and in a coaching position on the lacrosse team definitely shaped who he is today. Additionally, he is very interested in technological subjects, like introduction to coding, which he took last year, and introduction to robotics, which he takes this year. Likewise, he enjoys personal finance because he learned that he has a knack for the business side of things.

Although Moushe has many, many things to be proud of, the first is his direction for what he wants to do with his life. He completed the basic EMT course in December and plans on becoming part of the military and law enforcement in the future. Moushe recalls always wanting to be a cop ever since he saw people getting pulled over on his street. The flashing blue lights always fascinated him. He is also looking forward to furthering his experience in the business field through real estate. Overall, he is very excited to help people and give back to his community. A few words from Moushe himself: “Follow your dreams, work hard , and stay focused, because things can often be chaotic and divert your from reaching your goals.”
By Ani Belorian

Marauder of the Week: Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Elizabeth Galli

Elizabeth Galli is a well-rounded student who pursues the musical, athletic, and academic courses. She finds anatomy the most interesting subject at Belmont High because it exposes her to the numerous different parts of the body and the methods/processes of their functions. Another slightly nuanced topic she has become recently interested in is researching psychopaths and sociopaths for her English thesis. Though not a core curriculum topic, it is fascinating that she and all of us have the opportunity to explore content outside of the necessary subjects. One of her favorite teachers at this school is Ms. White, who most know as the AP US History teacher. She pushed her academically, but also taught her about “taking and giving snark and sass”; this helps us to step out of our comfort zones and take risks.

Some of the extracurricular activities Elizabeth is involved in include skiing recreationally and playing rugby. She also sings in all of the school music groups (Chamber Singers, Madrigals, Jazz Choir, Senior a Capella) and is co-leader of the a Capella group. Another leadership position she has is props crew chief of the PAC, Belmont High’s theater program. But one thing she is undoubtedly proud of is being a part of the rugby team for 4 years, a two-time state championship winning team. Not only for the victory of winning, Elizabeth loves the community of the rugby team. The words of wisdom she leaves is from the renowned author J.K. Rowling: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.”
By Sanya Malhotra

Flynn Leeb

A talented artist with a focus on using art to convey relevant messages, senior Flynn Leeb is an excellent choice for Marauder of the Week. His favorite class is AP Art, although he also enjoys Social Studies and English; elements of history and literature inspire his work and, he feels, give it more impact. Flynn thinks that Mark Milowsky, or Milo, the art teacher, is the most influential teacher he has had at BHS, both because he has been “instrumental” in Flynn’s growth as an artist and because of the open, creative environment of his classes.

Committed to his work, Flynn has entered multiple art competitions through the school, two of which he has won: the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, in which he won gold his sophomore year and silver his junior year; and the Emerging Young Artists competition at UMass Dartmouth, in which he has secured first place for the last two years straight. His passion for art as a platform for important messages – in the past, he has focused on “communication of the experience of being a student in the LGBT+ community,” in particular the difficulties that transgender students often face – extends to his Senior Capstone project on comparative mythology. In Flynn’s words, “religions can seem very separate on the outside but they really all serve to answer the same questions and reflect a common characteristic of everyone in the human race;” therefore, religion should unite rather than divide. He enjoys the Capstone work because it allows him to explore a topic he cares about, and unlike a traditional thesis, he can incorporate visual elements into his project and use his skills as an artist to express his point.

To other BHS students, Flynn’s advice is, “Follow your passions and stick to what you believe is important,” and if something seems troublesome or unfair, don’t be afraid to (respectfully) say something about it. Finally, he stresses the importance of accepting people despite their differences, saying that “life is a lot easier when there is less conflict between yourself and your peers.”
By Claire Svetkey

Marauder of the Week: Monday, December 10th, 2018

Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang is our Marauder of the Week. A dedicated, ambitious student with a lifelong passion for math and volunteer work, it’s no wonder she was chosen! When asked which of her teachers helped fuel her love of learning, she mentioned Mr. Moresco, who taught her freshman Algebra 2 class, inspired her realization that math could be fun. In addition to stellar academic achievements, Jessica also boasts a commitment to community service with her youth group at church, where she has taken on many leadership roles. Despite being incredibly busy, Jessica still finds the time to do things she enjoys, like working on her puzzle collection, an homage to her love of math, and playing piano, which she has done for several years. She is also interested in different kinds of dance, and says that it’s a fun and unique way to exercise. All of this perfectly summarizes her outlook on life and her advice to underclassmen, “Don’t stress yourself out, it’s just high school!” Congratulations, Jessica!
By Elisabeth Pitts

Perry Sullivan

Whether you recognize Perry Sullivan as BHS’s leading photographer, fashionista, or as an avid student in your AP Psychology class, you can probably agree on his outstanding presence in BHS. Perry claims to be obsessed with cars since his youth, but his career as a professional photographer on Instagram took off as he started his High School years. He believes that the platform allowed him to express his passion for automobiles and fashion, conveying his identity to fans alike. Perry is one of the co-founders of the BHS Car Enthusiast Club. Recently, he has hosted a charity show in late November to benefit Toys for Tots, featured in the Belmont Citizen-Herald, displaying local super-cars as an attraction. Receiving over $300 in cash donations and three bins of donated toys, he is glad that he was able to pursue his passion in cars while also making a positive impact in the world. In school, Perry currently pursues his interest in Ms. Dashoff’s AP Psychology class. Although quite challenging, he believes that the topics he’s learned in the class are enjoyable and applicable to many aspects of life. One of which includes learning about how people make, store, and retrieve memories, which he applied to develop good studying habits for all of his classes. Perry also took part in the Student Leadership Team in freshman year, where he learned how to be a more accepting and open-minded person.

To his fellow colleagues, he wants everyone to know that “If you’re looking for a change, you’re going to have to be part of what makes the change...Going back to the charity car show that I hosted - no one ever asked me to start it. No one told me that it would be a good idea to have one or that it would be cool to do so. I wanted it to happen, so I had to take action and make it happen.”
By Hoon Baeg

Marauder of the Week: Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Brian Buys

“I think it's important to have fun in high school. Senior year is a stressful time and while we still have to work very hard, I think it's important that we spend our last year doing fun things other than school work with all of our friends and teachers because it's the last year we will have with them.” Brian Buys is an academically hard-working, yet very peppy student. Brian is very interested in sciences; currently, his favorite subject is AP chemistry with Mr. A. Although challenging, he believes that it’s a great opportunity to learn new topics through close collaboration with his peers to achieve higher learning.

But outside of school, he’s an electronic music producer. “I’ve always loved to play piano and write melodies, but being able to actually put these piano melodies into a computer with electronic instruments and drums was something that blew my mind.” Since freshman year, he discovered that it is a very enjoyable hobby, possible with no professional equipment at all. “Producing music can be very intimidating when first using the software (Ableton) to do it...the daunting task of learning how to use it has hindered many people from being able to develop themselves musically.” However, last year, he co-founded the Music Production Club where they teach people how to easily produce musical masterpieces solely on their laptops.

Brian is also an outstanding student-athlete, spending the recent three years of his life practicing after school and weekend early-mornings and maintaining a healthy diet for his success in the Cross Country team. He believes that being in Varsity opened numerous doors both socially and academically. “It's a sport that any person can start and put work in to be great at, regardless of talent. This is what I love about it.” Still, Brian is most proud of his contribution to the Belmontian Club. Working to organize prominent social events such as the breast cancer fundraiser for the benefit of society helped him learn the importance of community and interpersonal cooperation.
By Hoon Baeg

Anjali Ramakrishnan

Anjali Ramakrishnan’s primary interests include history and english. The latter serves as an outlet to express her own interpretation to the variety of novels and plays we read in class. She also enjoys engaging in debates and discussions to argue her own perspective. Likewise, she sees history class not only as a study of the “progression of the past” but also as a means to “understand society better”. By evaluating the changes of governments and societies over time, she gains a better understanding of the world we live in today. Specifically, her favorite history class was APUSH with Ms. White; noting the antebellum era discussion (early 1800s America leading up to the Civil War) as a unique medium to explore the past by stepping into the shoes of a historical figure. She emphasizes how Ms. White helped her grasp the reality of the ways people lived back then, allowing one to view history in a different light.

A few extracurricular activities at Belmont High Anjali participates in include Mock Trial and a variety of choral groups. As captain of Mock Trial for the past two years, she assists the team in understanding the basics of the law and other important rules to follow. Additionally, she is a part of jazz choir and the Madrigals. One organization she is involved in outside of school is the Massachusetts High School Democrats; her role is field director. Through MHSD, she can work with others to create volunteer and internship events for the benefit of not only her community, but the entire state. Furthermore, helping with a campaign gives her the opportunity to knock on doors and talk to people about the importance of politics. Not surprisingly, her passions are rooted in politics. Some of the big, controversial issues she is particularly interested in are climate change, criminal justice reform, and equality.

She urges students to not be afraid to “go to teachers for extra help” as it will improve our skills all in all. Finally, Anjali reminds us that we can sometimes feel as though “everyone is doing better than you”, possibly in academics or otherwise. But there lies a misconception in this as we “only hear about the highlights” not the shortcomings that are apparent in all our lives. Therefore, we must compete with ourselves instead of looking to others for a sense of validation.
By Sanya Malhotra

Marauder of the Week: Monday, November 26th, 2018

Crystal Nayiga Magandazi

Passionate about education and global issues, Crystal Nayiga Magandazi is a prime candidate for Marauder of the Week. Having moved to Belmont her sophomore year from a school with twenty four students per graduating class, Crystal says it took her a while to find her niche. “It was a little more difficult for me to find a group of people that I related with,” she says “Just because I was in a specific class doesn’t mean that all of my friends would be in that class with me, which means it depends on which classes they took and which level”. Despite this, Crystal eventually managed to find not only a group of friends, but a level of personal fulfillment in classes such as Modern World History and Global Capstone. She cites Dr. Shea, teacher of Modern World history as “...one of my favorite teachers just because he is so encouraging and I can tell that he’s very passionate about his job”. Crystal went on to take Global Capstone, another history elective taught my Ms. Shea (to whom Crystal says Dr. Shea has no relation). This class allowed her to focus on a specific subject throughout the year, which in Crystal’s case was global education. This makes perfect sense given that Crystal has made it her mission to spread understanding for individuals with a diversity of experiences. She expresses a focus on immigrant and African American narratives, demonstrated by her enrollment in globally-oriented history electives and her heavy involvement in the club, “Black in Belmont”. Living in Belmont, Crystal describes her experience as very different from that of black students living in Boston, but aims to create more awareness in the form of giving them space to share their stories. For those interested, the club meets every Wednesday at 1:30 in room 134. Thank you, Crystal, for all you've contributed to make Belmont High a more inclusive place!
By Lillian Powelstock

Phoebe Derba

Senior Phoebe Derba is a clear choice for the Marauder of the Week, as she is creative, passionate and kind. Her favorite subjects are those that allow for creative thinking, especially chemistry and art, because they are the only subjects where she tends “not to be discouraged by failure.” The teacher she cites as being the most influential in her time at BHS is, unsurprisingly, the art teacher, Milo, whom she has had as a teacher for all four years of high school. She credits him with not only improving her art skills but also teaching her not to take life too seriously.

Phoebe’s creativity extends outside the classroom: she has been the color guard section leader in marching band for the last two years, and this is her fourth year playing bass in the Rivers Youth Symphony. She is proud of her work in the marching band because “it’s very rewarding to see the success of the band arise in part from [her] own enthusiasm and willingness to help others,” and tries to help keep the environment of the marching band as positive as it was when she was a freshman. She feels that she learns the most about others through their taste in music, which inspires her when she plays bass. In addition, she is passionate about movies – she says she could talk about them for “days on end” – and wants to be a filmmaker when she’s out of school. Phoebe has two pieces of advice for other BHS students. The first is to not forget to be a kid; in her opinion, a lot of high schoolers waste their time thinking that they’re grown up. She reminds them to “please take the time to jump in a huge puddle.” (Phoebe follows her own advice about being a kid; she says that if you hear someone screaming in the cafeteria, it’s probably her and she’s sorry.) Phoebe’s second piece of advice is that disliking a teacher is a waste of time, because almost all teachers are trying to pass on the passion they have for their subject. She suggests, “If you’re not inspired by a subject, be inspired by their passion.”
By Claire Svetkey

Marauder of the Week: Monday, November 12th, 2018

Eleanor Amer

Eleanor Amer: Senior, captain of the cross country team, pianist, and so many more honorable things. Beyond these titles, though, she is an intricate painting filled with hidden messages and objectives that one wouldn’t completely be aware of until they get the chance to sit with her in Starbucks, ask her a few questions, and get to know all the hidden nooks and crannies that make Eleanor, Eleanor. I received the great privilege to do just that. In school, Eleanor’s favorite subjects include anything that has to do with science and math. This year, she is taking A.P. Chemistry, and she says that although it is hard, the concepts are very interesting and it is generally a very enjoyable class. All that aside, she has a special place in her heart for neuroscience and how the brain works and makes decisions. She is especially interested in how the brain makes decisions concerning the environment, in the way that we eat, and how our nutrition affects the brain. Because of her love for these subjects, she intends to take a path in the STEM field in her future.

To go off of that, Eleanor’s most influential teacher is Mr. A, who was her chemistry teacher in 10th grade. When she and her friend wanted to start a club, Science Experiment Club, he helped them out and was the adviser for the club. He makes class enjoyable and educational. Eleanor is involved in many extracurricular activities, including indoor and outdoor track, cross country, piano, and Science Experiment Club. One thing she says she is proud of is her cross country teammates. They have created a really great, well-knit team and she is delighted in what they have accomplished this season. Now, here’s something you probably didn’t know about her: Eleanor learned to ride a unicycle when she and her siblings went to a circus camp. But her reason behind it is even more intriguing. She says it is very important to try new things and to make sure that you aren’t only focusing on your one goal, but to also incorporate fun things into your life. The last thing I will leave you with is a wise message I received from Eleanor: Make time for people you love, be grateful for every day, and lastly, look forward to going to school (it will make high school more enjoyable).
By Ani Belorian

Marauder of the Week: Monday, November 5th, 2018

Lara Zeng

Lara Zeng is an outstanding senior whose long list of accomplishments more than qualify her for the title of “Marauder of the Week”. Lara spent part of her summer at the Summer Science Program in Astrophysics at New Mexico Tech researching and determining the orbit of a near-Earth asteroid. Her favorite subjects are physics, chemistry, and economics because they help her better understand the world around her. A true STEM girl, Lara also participates in a variety of extracurriculars, such as Science Team, Math Team and the High School Quiz Show team. Her long commitment to clubs has even earned her an officer position, as she is the captain of the FIRST Robotics Team, the Science Bowl team, and both the captain and founder of the Chemistry and Physics Club. Besides math and science, Lara is also a violin player and the first violin of the Belmont String Quartet, a group that performs at community events like including tree lightings and coffeehouses. She volunteers extensively, helping at Mt. Auburn Hospital in the summers and winning the Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award for the past 6 years. Her other interests include musicals, Rick and Morty, poetry, and curating Spotify playlists. To future BHS students, Lara says, “Sleep is great and helps you feel your best, so try to make sure you get the optimal amount for you. Don’t be afraid to unwind and relax and take time for yourself--it will all turn out fine in the end.”
By Alice Liu

Liz Biondo

Liz Biondo, a senior at Belmont High, stresses above all that “a letter grade does not define you”; a message that is most often unsought for by the competitive environment we live in of SAT scores, GPA, and a whole world of self-defining numbers. Kind of rare for most students, Liz is taking three science classes: Anatomy and Physiology, Neurobiology, and Science Ethics. This stems from her aspiration to apply to nursing school in the coming years. She finds more certainty in factual-based information in comparison to the ambiguous nature of English class. Especially in her Science Ethics class, the intertwining concepts of medicine and morality add a new complexity to her love of science. Not surprisingly, her favorite teacher was Ms. Lewis, a member of the biology department; she supported her as a person, not just as an educator. 

Some leadership positions Liz holds in the school currently are captain of the cheerleading team and PAC officer. As she was a part of the cheer team for four years, she made friends with people of various grades and expanded her social group through it. Leading the PAC allowed her to be immersed in a diverse community, free from judgment. Her first moments at this school, however, were not composed of this heartfelt sentiment. Liz hurdled with how others would perceive her, not seen as up to their bar of “smart” based on a facade of numbers and letters. Again, she repeats, “a letter grade does not define you”. One subject she is passionate about is mental health. She persists to destigmatize the negative connotations associated with people who are diagnosed with a mental disorder; she herself has dealt with the stigma attached to it. An inclusive mindset, she answers, can bring us a step closer to becoming more open and amiable towards these people. To conclude, Liz ends with how we all can have fun in high school, but we must still work hard.
By Sanya Malhotra

Marauder of the Week: Monday, October 29th, 2018

Alexander Park

Alexander Park is the epitome of a Marauder. He does amazing in school, along with actively participating in extracurricular activities. Alex, particularly, has an immense interest in history. His passion for the subject was stemmed from his APUSH teacher, Ms. White. Although he doesn't take a history class this year, he still very much enjoys Econ since it’s similar to history. Alex's skills and passions are very diverse though, as he is involved with many music programs in the school. This includes being the Drum Major of the BHS Marching Band, making him conduct and lead the Marching Marauders. He's also the president of the BHS Jazz Ensemble and has won a gold medal at a festival. To him, he believes that “the marching band is the face of Belmont’s great music program” and he's so proud about being a part of it and leading the members, feeling that it is such a welcoming community. Outside of school, Alex continues to demonstrate his leadership skills by being the president of the Student Activist Club. He's also involved in the Mock Trial Team and Model UN. Not only is he involved with many academic programs, but he also plays baseball on the high school team in the spring and participates in community service a lot as well. His passions shine through his work with politics and jazz being his main interests, making the classes he takes becoming more fun than stressful. While being involved with so many things may seem overwhelming, Alex manages to get by. His advice to other BHS students is to “make sure that you find time to have fun with your friends, even during super stressful times. It’s important that you enjoy your time at BHS and not just focus on your schoolwork.” 
By Cheyenne Stringfellow

David Yan

Well deserving of the title “Marauder in Week”, David Yan is an exceptional student. A champion of extracurriculars, he is an active member of UNICEF, Model UN, and Belmontonian community service club, and is an officer in all three of them. He started the BHS chapter of UNICEF during his sophomore year, which raised $4,000 in its first year. A true Samaritan, he dubs community service “chicken noodle soup for the soul”, and encourages underclassmen to begin getting involved in community service as soon as possible. His favorite classes are AP Economics, AP Computer Science and Calculus. He enjoys making programs using code in his computer science class, and plans to continue studying the subject in college- hopefully at his dream school, Carnegie Mellon! When asked what he is most passionate about, David answers “Science”- a statement made more believable by the Belmont Science Team shirt that he is wearing. David is passionate about creating experiments and meeting new people through science competitions. Being such a passionate person, it is no surprise that David’s favorite teachers have been those he finds to be the most passionate about what they teach- namely former English teacher Mrs. Bosch and biology teacher Ms. Kim. David leaves us with his personal words of wisdom, “Let’s get this bread, but don’t forget the bed!”, a helpful mantra for so many students struggling to balance school work with a healthy sleeping schedule. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all, David! 
By Deniz Dutton

Marauder of the Week: Friday, October 19th, 2018

Cassandra Reed
Cassandra Reed is a talented and passionate senior. Her obvious love for rowing shows her future ambition. After graduating Belmont High School, Casey plans to head on to college (where she has already been recruited for rowing!) and get a Masters in education. Casey’s athletic goals are incredibly impressive, with the Olympics and the U23 World Rowing Championships on her horizon. Her other plans include hiking the Appalachian Trail and other challenging backpacking trips. During Casey’s time at Belmont High School, she views her favorite class as AP Art. Casey believes that the AP Art teacher, Milo, is a fantastic teacher when it comes to pushing her to improve her own art skills. Aside from Milo, Casey’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Lovett with math and Ms. Masterson with English. Ms. Masterson’s influence ended up becoming one of the reasons Casey wants to go into teaching. Mrs. Lovett had helped Casey tremendously through supporting Casey when she missed class due to racing at the Youth Nationals. She reminds the freshmen that there’s nothing to be ashamed about with taking a lighter course and advises them to try new things and always remember that nothing is impossible.

Brittany Moran

Brittany Moran is a diligent student that has shown outstanding work. Being at BHS has allowed Brittany to help see the options she has for her future, especially in the culinary arts. Cooking and baking is a passion that she wants to explore further. She especially enjoys baking cakes because of the creativity in decorating them. Brittany aspires to attend Johnson and Wales after high school and take part in their culinary courses.

Brittany found that Sra. Macintosh (a Spanish teacher) was her favorite teacher in high school. Brittany appreciated how Sra. Macintosh was always encouraging and enthusiastic about teaching Spanish to her students. She made sure the students wouldn’t have to be alone in their learning. In terms of the classes she takes, Brittany finds Zoology (taught by Ms. Williams) to be the most fun. Learning about animals and finding out how they work creates really interesting lessons that she looks forward to every week. Her main piece of advice for incoming freshman is “don’t be afraid to ask for help”. Outside of school, Brittany spends her time learning martial arts, an activity she’s been doing since elementary school. She first took up the classes because she wanted to learn self defense but she ended up learning how to stand up for herself as well.
written by Highpoint editor Hallie Liu

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