AP Registration Information

The payment portion is now open for the 2021 AP Exam season. PLEASE NOTE that your student must be signed up through College Board to take the exam – this process happened in November.

College Board has eliminated all fees for cancelled AP exams. If you do not pay during the fee collection period, we will assume you have decided not to test, and your exam will be cancelled. Just a reminder that refunds will be offered for any unused exams this year with no penalty. Additionally, if your child decides not to take an AP exam, they will still receive credit. If your child has signed up for an exam through College Board, and they do not want to take the exam, simply do not pay. All unpaid exams will be cancelled.

Please email any questions to Ms. Brittany King (she/her) AP Coordinator at bking@belmont.k12.ma.us

AP Exam Registration and Fees

The payment window will be open until Wednesday, March 17th, at 9pm.

  • Go to the Guidance webpage and select “Pay Online” button
  • Go to Make a Payment at top of the page and follow instructions.
  • Or use this link: OnLine Fee Payments
  • If you can’t find “AP Fee Payment 2021,” look under the registration button

If you are on free or reduced lunch contact Ms. Brittany King: bking@belmont.k12.ma.us and she will help you register

  • For a complete schedule of our BHS offered exams, please go here