Articles to Support Your Teens Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing continues to be at the forefront of our daily conversations, as we have seen so many of our students greatly affected by the “new normal” we are currently experiencing. 

Support Your Teens Mental Health 

McLean's Parent Conversation Webinar 

  • If you weren’t able to attend, you can view the Powerpoint presented by our McLean associates here.
  • You can also view the video of the presentation here.
  • If you did attend, please consider filling out this survey:

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AP Exam Registration

College Board is requiring that all exams be ordered by November 13th, 2020. In order to have an exam ordered for your student, please ensure that they have added any AP Class to their College Board website by completing the following steps:

  • Create a College Board account at
  • Retrieve a join code from your AP Teacher (this step should be complete unless a student was absent). 
  • Use your join code to add your AP Class.

If you have a student that is not enrolled in an AP class, but would like to take an AP exam, they need to reach out to Ms. King, by email:, WELL IN ADVANCE OF November 13th.

Because of everything that encompasses the year 2020, we are collecting payment after November. More information about that will be shared when it is available.

College Board has eliminated all fees for cancelled AP exams. Therefore, if you are considering taking an AP exam, please take the above steps to join the class through College Board. If you do not pay during the fee collection period, we will assume you have decided not to test, and your exam will be cancelled.

Please email any questions to Ms. Brittany King (she/her) AP Coordinator at

AP Exam Schedule

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Guidance Counselors:

Ms. Brittany King
Ms. Stacie Ross
Ms. Sherri Turner
Mr. James Brown
Ms. Jessica Truslow
Mr. Matthew Ruane

Parents/guardians are welcome to make appointments with their child's counselor to discuss concerns about their child.

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