Marauder Pride is Alive

Belmont High School offers an extensive interscholastic athletic program throughout the academic year consisting of 28 sports with 57 levels of competition. Our teams are competitive and over the past ten years have won 17 league, 4 divisional and one state championship.

Interscholastic sports are offered at the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels.

Department Contact

Phone: (617) 993-5930

Fax: (617) 993-5939

email: James Davis Director 

Faculty Listing is here

Fall Athletic Information 2020

The following information is being provided to you, should you, the student have an interest in participating on one of the Belmont High School’s Fall 2020 Athletic teams.

Typically each program would hold an in-person informational meeting prior to the close of the school year that would include interested candidates completing a sign up form. Under the current Public Health conditions this is not possible. To this end, the BHS Fall Head Coaches have recorded their informational session for you to view. An online sign up form has been created for students to sign up remotely. Lastly, “Fall  Tryout Information” with helpful sports specific details, dates and times can also be viewed on the Belmont High School Website.

To access the “Fall Tryout Information” simply go to: Fall Try-out Information Website This will allow you to access all of the above mentioned information.

View the latest High School Athletic Department Update on the Fall 2020 Opening page.

Belmont Public Schools Athletic E-Forms information

On June 10th, a school email will be sent to the each student’s parent or guardian of record in the school’s data base, with access information to complete all of the required Belmont Public Schools Athletic E-Forms. These forms, which are submitted electronically are required to be completed prior to any participation.

Required Forms:

  • Parent permission form
  • MIAA Chemical Health form
  • Concussion Education form
  • Seasonal Concussion History form


Proof of a Physical Exam should be sent directely to The Belmont High School Nurse by July 31, 2020 to ensure that they are processed prior to the start of Fall Sports. Currently per the State Department of Public Health regulations, Physical Exams are ONLY GOOD for 13 months from the date of the exam, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Athletic Participation Fee:

The athletic fee must be paid prior to the start of Fall Sports.( Due Date is August 15th) The on-line fee system will be available starting June 11th.  If paying on-line, log in to the Belmont Public Schools website, click pay fees on-line and then follow the prompts.

Please take care of physicals and required athletic participation forms before arriving on the first day. There are many of these and candidates can only participate when ALL forms completed and are on file. It is recommended that you do this early/mid-summer to ensure your child can participate on the first day of tryouts. Make sure all paperwork is turned in before tryouts begin.

Players missing any requirements will not be able to participate in tryouts.

For more information visit Fall Tryout Information page

Physical Education (P.E.)

All students at Belmont High School must complete four years of physical education in order to graduate. One Physical Education (P.E.) credit is awarded for the completion of one semester of coursework, for a total of eight required credits over four years. All ninth grade students must complete Wellness, a year-long course that is worth two credits. All eleventh grade students must take Positive Decision-Making, a semester length, one-credit course.

Earning Physical Education Credits

In addition to the two required courses, there are three ways students may earn the remaining five P.E. credits needed for graduation. Students may combine any two of the three ways of earning P.E. credits to earn their two-credits per year. 

  • The first way to earn P.E. credits is through enrolling in a course that is offered during the regular school day. Each semester-length course in the Program of Studies is worth one P.E. credit. Students can arrange to enroll in P.E. courses during regular course selection in the winter. 
  • The second way for students to complete their P.E. requirements is to compete in a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association sanctioned sport. Each season of competition (fall, winter, or spring) is awarded one credit. 
  • The third way students can fulfill their P.E. requirements is through the completion of an “Independent Study” course. 

Independent Study Credit can be earned through participating in organized activities that are outside of the BHS program. Some examples of acceptable activities are participation on a “club” team, such as rugby, crew, or ultimate Frisbee or participation in a physical activity that is “instructionally-based,” such as a dance program, or martial-arts lessons. Depending on the nature of the activity, students may enroll in an Independent Study in Physical Education that is either half year (one credit) or a full year (two credits) in length. Independent Study Courses must meet for at least 30 hours per semester. As is the case with all Independent Study Courses at BHS, a student may not take an Independent Study in P.E. that replicates the existing BHS curriculum. The full set of rules governing Independent Study courses can be found in the BHS Program of Studies. Forms for Independent Study in P.E. are available in the Guidance Office and completed forms for First-Semester and Full-Year Independent Studies must be returned by the first Monday in June. Forms for spring Independent Studies will be due the first Friday after the holiday break in January. Applications submitted after the stated deadlines will not be considered. 

In order to receive credit at the end of the semester or year, students must submit a verification letter documenting the completed hours from the place/instructor of the activity.