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Restorative Justice and Practice of Circles presented by Sarah Winn and Allison Ruane; Wednesday Nov 18 @8.00 am

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Please join the BHS PTSO meeting on Nov 18th at 8.00am for a presentation on Restorative Justice and the Practice of Circles, by BHS Assistant Principals Sarah Winn and Allison Ruane. Learn how BHS is addressing Belmont's commitment to anti-racist teaching and learning.

Please register HERE. (Zoom link will be sent to the participants prior to the event)


As a district, Belmont has made a commitment to anti-racist work; this means a commitment to continual reflection, learning, un-learning, and developing new practices to better serve all members of our community. One of the ways we are committing to this work at Belmont High School is by working to embed Restorative Justice practices into our school. The history of Restorative Justice reflects beliefs and practices of many Indigenous people around the world. It is grounded on building a community based on shared values and shared humanity. We’ve aligned ourselves with this work because at BHS we value relationships, community, and all people as holistic beings. One of the most important elements of Restorative Justice is the practice of Circles. Circles enable groups to come together and share in a way that empowers all voices and places emphasis on each participant's ability to learn with and from the group.