Please consider helping in any way that fits your schedule. There are many things that you can do to help. Maybe you can dedicate several hours to a special event or fundraiser. Parent and volunteers are needed for a variety of important school-wide programs and events. Please know that even a few hours of your time can make a tremendous difference!   You may contact the PTSO office or any of our Officers and let them know you are interested in volunteering and they will gladly help you find the perfect place. Even if the school year is underway, it is never too late to get involved! BHS needs you. Email us:

Here are some positions you can help out with!

Career Day Initiative Organizers

Career Day is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain perspective about different industry careers, and network with professionals in the Belmont Community. The goal of the event is to expose students to different career paths, obtaining insight into the specific requirements, daily responsibilities, and extraordinary experiences associated with each career and maybe spark interest in a career field that they may not be aware of.

Open to students 9 - 12 grades

Volunteer to organize the event or volunteer to showcase your profession! (Arts and Design, Culinary Art, Business, Finance and Marketing, Education, Government & Law, Healthcare - Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapist, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Social Work, Hospitality & Travel, Journalism & Communications, STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, etc, Sports, Environment)

Number of volunteers: 4

Timeline: June 

Director of Fundraising

Responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts, which includes mailing letters twice during the school year and other fundraiser events.

Number of Volunteers: 2

Timeline: September – June

BHS PTSO Facebook Administrator

Maintain and post relevant PTSO information and event updates.

Number of Volunteers: 1

Timeline: September – June

College Fair Manager

  1. Coordinate with PTSO President, BHS Guidance and Food services staff on the dinner for college representatives at the College Fair held in the BHS Fieldhouse in October. Communicate with Guidance liaison about numbers of college reps and date/timing of dinner as well as assistance with Fieldhouse clean-up at end of night.
  2. Order appropriate amount of food/beverages and communicate with Food services staff about using refrigerators for advance shopping
  3. Schedule shopping/drop-off/set-up times in caf for dinner with Guidance liaison
  4. Gather volunteers for shopping/drop-off/set-up/ dinner service/Fieldhouse clean-up
  5. Gather receipts, with tax exempt status, for all purchases and request reimbursement from PTSO Treasurer
  6. Take photos/have fun/welcome new volunteers and BUILD COMMUNITY!!

Number of Volunteers: 1

Timeline: Spring Event

Web Content Administration - Maintaining PTSO Website

  1. Experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS.
  2. Develop, maintain, and update website content, as requests.
  3. Supports marketing campaigns.
  4. Collaborate with BHS web administrator.

Number of Volunteers: 2

Timeline: September – June

Content Marketing [New Position] - Creating, Publishing and Distributing Content via BHS list server for a targeted audience online and print.

  1. Creating content to support PTSO activities
  2. Sharing content on the channels they use

Number of Volunteers: 2

Timeline: September – June

PTSO Speaker Series Co-Organizer - Target and schedule engaging and informative speakers that is relevant to High School community.

  1. Oversees all logistics for speaker series.
  2. Will be the primary liaison with building management, catering, media and technology services, and outside vendors to make reservations for space, AV support, photography, and other tasks that are necessary for the event.
  3. Will work closely with the Content Marketing Manager to ensure accurate and effective publicity and invitations for each event, including emails, posters, listings on the Center’s website, School’s Intranet and external advertising.
  4. Manages event invitation lists, updates databases, and tracks RSVPs.
  5. Introduce the speaker on the day of the event.

Number of Volunteers: 1

Timeline: October – June

Parents social Organizer

Organize the annual parents social on the same evening as the prom night! 

Number of Volunteers: 2

Timeline : May