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Professional Development for Staff
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Professional Development for BPS Staff

We are pleased to present the Belmont Public school Professional Development web page.  Providing high quality professional opportunities is critical to supporting your growth and professional development.  The BPS PD program is supported through three primary means: 

  • Professional Development meetings - (faculty, department and curriculum meetings) led by Principals, Directors and Curriculum Specialists focusing on district, school and program goals; 
  • Professional Learning Teams - educators working together on a targeted area of need to improve learning for all students; and 
  • Professional Development courses, seminars, workshops, and study groups - led by BPS educators, outside experts, and partner organizations. 

As you plan your professional development for the year, it is our hope that these workshops and opportunities will support your Professional Practice and Student Learning Goals as well as your ongoing learning and growth.

Professional Development Opportunities


  • Project-Based Learning  (June 2019) A foundational workshop based on BIE’s model of Gold Standard PBL, which provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, standards-based project. The workshop models the project process and is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in project design, with the expectation that every teacher or teaching team will generate a project plan for their own use.
  • Studying Skillful Teaching  (August -November 2019) A program for building teachers’ capacity – the knowledge and skills as well as the courage and conviction - to promote students’ motivation, learning, and increased achievement. It is based on the belief that teaching is a process of decision-making; and that skillful teachers never stop learning through experimentation, data analysis, study, and collegial sharing about what works best for their students.
  • Homegrown Writing Institute (August 2019) A program designed to help educators in a particular community invigorate their own unique professional learning culture. Typically, home grown institutes include large group sections coupled with small, interactive sections. 
  • Classroom Practices for Social and Emotional Learning (August-September 2019) Participants will understand foundational concepts in social and emotional learning, including the neuroscience that supports its integrations into all aspects of learning. They will learn how to match classroom practices with SEL development, and also how to teach SEL skills by infusing them into the curriculum.
  • IDEAS 1 Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students (October-December 2019) This course is designed to introduce educators to the complex issues raised by race and racism and their impact on student engagement and achievement. This course will provide educators with an understanding of racial identity and the importance of building authentic student teacher relationships. This course will also help educators increase their skills of cultural proficiency.
  • Professional Learning Teams In the Belmont Public Schools, Professional Learning Teams are the vehicle for collaborative learning, inquiry and action research through which self-selected teams of educators.
  • EDCO Courses 2019 - 2020:  Funding for EDCO courses is limited. Please do not register online. If you would like to register for a course, please email Artemis Tingos.  She will register you with EDCO and you will be billed directly at the member rate.
  • IDEAS Courses 2019-2020:   If you would like to register for a course, please email Artemis Tingos.  She will register you with IDEAS and you will be billed directly at the member rate.

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