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SEL In Action at the Wellington School

There are many layers to a comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Program. In conjunction, the following layers effectively support students’ social emotional learning:

  • Direct instruction
  • Classroom practices
  • School-wide practices and structures
  • Infusion into the content
  • Events
  • Family engagement

Skill Development and Practice

We have learned that effective, direct instruction and classroom/school-wide practices are the tools which tend to have the biggest impact on student learning. Second Step has therefore been adopted as our instructional component in grades K-4. This social-competency program addresses the following areas:

  • Skills for Learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotion Management
  • Problem Solving

More information about the Second Step Elementary curriculum can be found at www.secondstep.org/elementary-school-curriculum

School Wide Practices and Routines

In addition to the direct instruction provided through the Second Step curriculum, our staff has agreed to consistently utilize schoolwide and classroom practices in an effort to enhance students’ SEL skills. These practices include the following:

  • Daily Personal Greeting: Meet students at the door each day with a warm greeting which lets them know that you are happy to see them and fosters a sense of belonging. 
  • Classroom Morning Meeting: Use a morning meeting to build connections between students and a sense of community. Include four components: Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity, and Morning Message. 
  • Playworks: Our new recess structure helps students stay active and promotes social and emotional learning through play, teamwork and compromise (game of the week for recess).

More information about the Second Step Elementary curriculum can be found at www.playworks.org