School Closing Information

After consulting with the appropriate town departments, the transportation company, and school authorities in neighboring communities, the superintendent may cancel or delay the opening of school due to difficult weather conditions.

NOTE: Please do not call the School Department/Schools, Police or Fire Departments or the Snow Emergency Hotline. Doing so will not provide you with the information you need and will disrupt and burden these operations.

Delayed Opening

When storm conditions are such that road and sidewalks would be safe an hour or an-hour-and-a-half after the usual starting time, but not earlier; such a decision is likely to be made. The announcement will be broadcast on the following TV and radio stations: WBZ/AM1030 (Channel 4), WCVB (Channel 5) and WRKO/AM680/WHDH-TV (Channel 7). and will indicate the amount of time the school opening will be delayed. The bus schedule will be moved forward by the same amount of time as the delayed opening.

Dismissal at the end of the day will remain the same as usual.

Notice of school delays or school closings will be:

  • Posted on the Belmont Public Schools website:
  • Announced/listed on AM1030/WBZ/Channel 4, WCVB (Channel 5) and WRKO/AM680/WHDH-TV (Channel 7)

Emergency closing of school

If it appears that normal dismissal procedures will be disrupted by an emergency, parents will be notified as soon as possible and practical. Parents may be notified or receive the information in the following ways:

Belmont Town Bylaw Regarding Snow Shoveling

  • Residents have until 8:00 PM the day following the end of the storm to clear the sidewalk of snow, slush and ice adjacent to their property to ensure safe pedestrian passage.
  • For an assistance, there are a limited number of volunteers who may be able to help by calling (617) 993-2970. For those that are handy with a snow shovel, please consider checking on your neighbors and offering a helping hand when possible.
  • The Town of Belmont has several community sand barrels located around town. To find your nearest one click here. These are open to residents, providing a sandy mixture to help with traction on snowy and icy sidewalks.
  • For enforcement or questions about sidewalk clearing, please call (617) 993-2664.

Important Considerations

Early releases related to weather will be avoided because of all of the concerns and disruptions created by an unscheduled release. In the unlikely event that an unscheduled early release is necessary, it is crucial that we have accurate and updated contact information for parents/guardians. Please ensure that contact information is updated.

A good contingency plan for childcare, in the event of a school cancellation or school delay, will serve the best interests of both students and adults. Please take some time now to make sure everyone in your family knows the plan for an unexpected school closing or delay.

We all need to be prepared for cold, messy and potentially dangerous and changing weather conditions. Warm clothing, weather-proof footwear, hats and gloves are essential to ensure safety and good health. Please advise students about street, walkway and visibility hazards created by snow piles and ice patches. Bus stops too will be impacted by snow and ice and the town has limited capacity for clearing/maintaining bus stops particularly during and immediately after storms.

After school activity cancellations will be announced in the same manner as regular school closings.

There may be days on which parents might feel that their children should be kept home because of weather, even though the school is not closed. Although such absences are a parental responsibility and will be recorded as absences for the child, school authorities understand such decisions, especially when they are implemented with discretion and care.

"Lock Down" Procedures and Fire Evacuation Drills

Belmont High School and Chenery Middle School conduct "Lock Down" procedure drills and Fire drills. During the "Lock Down" drills, staff and students rehearse the responsibilities that are assigned to them in the building crisis response plan, a plan that was developed in conjunction with the Belmont Police Department. Check-in with your child to make sure that they fully understand their responsibilities in a crisis situation, and stress with them the need to take these drills very seriously. Just as we hold fire evacuation drills to test our response to a fire in the school, we periodically hold "Lock Down" drills at BHS and Chenery in order to ensure that we are adequately prepared to keep our students and staff safe.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Relocation Sites*

If it has been determined that a school building can no longer be occupied, students will be relocated to the following locations.


FROM TO To Relocation Site
Belmont High School Grade 9 & 10 - Chenery School Chenery, 95 Washington Street, phone: 617-993-5800
Belmont High School Grades 11 & 12 - Winn Brook School Winn Brook, 97 Waterhouse Road, phone: 617-993-5700
Chenery School Grades 7 & 8 - BHS Gym Wellington, 121 Orchard Street, phone: 617-993-5600
Chenery School Grade 5 & 6 - Burbank School Burbank, 266 School Street, phone: 617-993-5500
Burbank School Chenery School Chenery, 95 Washington Street, phone: 617-993-5800
Butler School St. Luke’s Church St. Luke’s Church, 132 Lexington Street, phone: 617-484-1996
Wellington School All St. Church or St. Joseph's Church All Saint’s Church, 17 Clark Street, phone: 617-484-2228
St. Joseph's Church, 124 Common Street, phone: 617-484-0279
Winn Brook School Town Hall Town Hall, 450 Concord Ave., phone: 617-993-2600

* Note:  Except in instances where police/fire redirect student relocation.