What happens after I report bullying or retaliation to my school?

The information provided below is a summary of the process outlined in the Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan. Please refer to the complete Plan for additional information.

After a report of bullying or retaliation is received the principal or designee will:

  • Take steps to restore a sense of safety to the alleged target and/or to protect the alleged target from possible further incidents.
  • Conduct an investigation in which he/she considers all relevant information and interviews students, staff, witnesses, parents or guardians, and others as necessary.
  • Make a determination based upon all of the facts and circumstances. If bullying or retaliation is substantiated, he/she will take steps reasonably calculated to prevent recurrence and to ensure that the target is not restricted in participating in school or in benefiting from school activities.
  • Determine what remedial action is required, if any, and determine what responsive actions and/or disciplinary action is necessary.
  • Collaborate with school staff to ensure that the appropriate supports are put in place for the target and the aggressor.
  • Notify parents and guardians of the target and the aggressor if bullying or retaliation is substantiated to share results of the investigation and what action is being taken to prevent further acts of bullying or retaliation.
    • Because of the legal requirements regarding the confidentiality of student records, the building principal or designee cannot report specific information to the target’s parent or guardian about the disciplinary action taken unless it involves a “stay away” order or other directive that the target must be aware of in order to report violations.
  • Notify the local law enforcement agency if he/she has a reasonable basis to believe that criminal charges may be pursued against the aggressor.
  • Contact the target after a reasonable period of time to determine whether there has been a recurrence of the prohibited conduct and whether additional supportive measures are needed.