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John P. Phelan, Superintendent of Schools

In every entry you will find news from the schools as well as entries that will be staples in each edition, such as Teaching and Learning, School Committee Updates, and Good News.  We hope to highlight our staff, students, and this amazing community we are all part of.  There is a tremendous amount of activity in every school in Belmont, and we are proud to share it through this newsletter and the BPS website.

John P. Phelan,
Superintendent of Schools 
email: jphelanblog@belmontschools.net

Superintendent's Newsletters

Superintendent's May 28, 2020 Newsletter

date 5/28/2020

Grade 5 Moon Project  Elia's Phases of the Moon Activity  Matt's Moon Phases with Oreos  Summing's and Elizabeth's Moon Phase diagram  A little celebratory music  Car fun  Proud Senior Moment  Senior Bags  Senior Kick Off Day  Senior Day Kickoff  Staff Recognition Day Invitation