Student Services Department

The Department of Student Services encompasses Guidance, Nursing, and Special Education Services - preschool through high school.

Inquiries regarding services can be directed to individual schools. Initial concerns with student performance should be communicated to teachers. Guidance counselors and administrators are also available to assist.

Health and medical concerns should be addressed to the school nurse. Director of Health and Nursing Department, can be reached at (617) 993-5807.

The Belmont Public Schools offers a range of special education programs in all schools. The systemwide preschool program is located at the Wellington School. Referrals for preschool services should be directed to the Early Childhood Director, at (617) 993-5615.

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are developed for students who have been determined by a Team evaluation to have a disability, and as a consequence are unable to progress effectively in the general education program without specially designed instruction, or are unable to access the general curriculum without a related service.

Contact Us

Student Services Office:

Phone: (617) 993-5440
Fax: (617) 993-5449
Mr. Ken Kramer, Director of Student Services

Preschool Office:

Phone: (617) 993-5615
Preschool Website
Patricia Toohig Nardone, Early Childhood Director

Health and Nursing Services

Phone: (617) 993-5807
Health and Nursing Website
Mary Elizabeth Rumley, M.Ed.,BS, RN, Director of Health and Nursing Services

Special Education at Schools

BHS: (617) 993 - 5920 

Belmont Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Belmont SEPAC)

More about the program can be found here

Belmont SEPAC (Belmont Special Education Parent Advisory Council)

Belmont SEPAC is a parent advisory council as mandated by Massachusetts state law (Chapter 71B). We are dedicated family members of children with disabilities, who educate each other, who collaborate with school professionals and who exchange ideas and information. We welcome participation from all interested community members.

More about the program can be found here

LABBB Collaborative

As a member of the LABBB Collaborative, the Belmont Public Schools provide space and support for programs at the Butler Elementary School, Wellington Elementary School, Chenery Middle School, and Belmont High School.

The LABBB (Lexington, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford and Belmont) Collaborative provides a variety of comprehensive specialized programs to serve students with special needs in public school settings. The collaborative, founded in 1974, is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of superintendents from the LABBB communities. Belmont hosts LABBB programs at the Butler School, the Wellington School, the Chenery Middle School, and the High School.

More about the program can be found at 

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