Flexible Spending Plan

The Town offers a pre-tax Flexible Spending Plan through Cafeteria Plan Advisors, Inc. This plan is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service and complies with their regulations which allow you to deduct, on a calendar year basis:

  • up to $2,750 for medical expenses not covered by health or dental insurance
  • up to $5,000 for dependent care.

Per the IRS, any funds that you have deducted and do not use by the end of the calendar year are forfeited, so it is important that you plan carefully. A maximum of $550 may be carried over into the next year for medical expenses.

If you join the Flexible Spending Plan, an administration fee of $4.75 per month charged by Cafeteria Plan Advisors will be deducted from your pay check.

Enrollment forms are available from the Town Human Resources Office (617-993-2740). More information can be found at the Town HR Benefits webpage.