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Test and Stay Announcement

Test and Stay Announcement

Great news from BPS nursing, Test and Stay was successful with a pilot at one of our elementary schools and will be available throughout the district beginning October 13, 2021.

The Test & Stay program allows unvaccinated, asymptomatic students who were identified as a close contact (within 3 ft of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while at school), to attend school, as opposed to missing school due to quarantining at home (DESE 8/20/21). Belmont Public Schools will support this effort to keep students learning in school and therefore will be offering Test & Stay as part of our layered COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies.

How will the program work?

Individuals who participate in Test and Stay are expected to quarantine when not attending school or school-sponsored activities (after school and days not tested during weekends). 

  • Test and Stay is for individuals who were exposed to a positive individual while in school ONLY

  • Test and Stay is NOT for exposure that occurred outside of school (household, parties, sports, etc.)

  • School exposure is less likely to lead to transmission due to the masking mitigation

  • Consent must be on file

  • You must already have consent on file. If no consent is on file, your student will be required to quarantine at home

  • All families of Test and Stay close contacts will be directly notified by email.  Depending on the time of day BPS receives the notification of an exposure in school, you may receive an email correspondence on the day of Test and Stay commencement. Please be aware of this potential situation and check your emails often.

  • The email will contain information on the duration of the daily testing that will take place at school as well as specific instructions for quarantine when not in school and monitoring of symptoms.

Exemptions from the Test and Stay program 

  • Vaccinated individuals

  • Symptomatic individuals

  • Diagnosis of COVID within the past 90 days

  • Close contacts who have been identified as being within 3 feet of a positive individual and not exempt, and will begin the Test and Stay program.

  • Close contacts who do not have consent on file will be expected to quarantine at home.

Test and Stay information page

CDC isolation and quarantine guidelines

Be Well!

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