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METCO: Belmont Community Breakfast and Fundraising

date 12/16/2014

We need you, your family, and all your affiliations to help us raise funds that for the last 21 years, have supported METCO students in Belmont.   Yesterday, 25 packs of tickets, each pack has ten tickets, were delivered to METCO office.  We need 25 parents to sell these tickets.  Please call at 617-993-5850, we will then send them home with your child.

Through fundraising at the annual Belmont Community Breakfast on the anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., Belmont Against Racism, BAR, collects thousands of dollars.  This money is turned over to the Belmont School Department which allocates grants to teachers, administrators and parent organizers for activities that meet the stated purpose of BAR’s METCO Support Fund:

“To promote the participation of Belmont METCO students in regular school activities and to foster connections between Boston students and families and their counterparts in Belmont”

Due to rising costs in transportation, food, books, college, we began this year with limited resources, which will run out in the next few months.

During the school year some of the activities funded are the following:

  • Mentor Program at Burbank Elementary School.
  • Funding for an Open Circle social competency pilot program at Burbank.
  • The WinnBrook Spring Crafts and Gardening Activity for Belmont and Boston students.
  • The WinnBrook, staff organized Summer Reading Program.  Students were given a canvas backpack to design and decorate, and 3-4 self selected books along with teacher created activities to encourage independent reading.
  • Support for METCO student participation on the Chenery Middle School 8th grade class trip to Washington DC.
  • Chenery faculty and staff student guided tour of Boston.
  • End of the year transition gifts for grades 4 and 8.
  • On-going late cab service from Belmont High School for Boston students staying after school for sports, music, club activities and academic assistance.
  • Funding for High School field trips (You and the Law, Partners in Health-Global Leadership).
  • A grant for METCO Conferences in Newtonville and at Bentley College.
  • Registration for teachers and school staff to attend the annual METCO Director’s Educator Conference.
  • Contributions to the Thelma Burns Scholarship, which is presented at the Senior Award Ceremony.  Ms. Burns was the Belmont METCO Director for 20 years and remains active in her advocacy for METCO and many other programs that support our children in Boston.
  • BAR also provided a grant to facilitate METCO student participation on a rugby team tour, although this money did not come from the Support fund.
  • Elementary “Stay & Plays”.