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National Honors Society Induction

National Honors Society Induction Ceremony The National Honors Society Induction Ceremony saw 106 Belmont High School (BHS) students recognized for their outstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character.  The induction took place at the high school on December 3.

Speaking at the event were National Honor Society (NHS) students President Grace Ramsey, Vice-President Pablo Reimers, Secretary Jack Stone, and Treasurer Amar Fernald as well as Guest Speaker BHS Social Studies Teacher Joshua Striet, and BHS Principal Daniel Richards.  The certificates were presented by NHS Advisor Risa Carp.  There were musical performances by the BHS Chamber Orchestra and the BHS Madrigals.

Principal Daniel Richards said he was passing the torch to a new generation of National Honor Society members, “All of you here are leaders,” he says.  “Whether you are leaders because of your academic achievement, leader in clubs or in sports, you represent what Belmont High School stands for and its core values, beliefs and expectations.”  


Selection of students for membership is by a faculty council and is based on the criteria of scholarship, leadership, service and character along with a qualifying cumulative grade point average.  Once selected, members are required to continue to demonstrate these qualities through active involvement in school activities and community service and fulfill other responsibilities as outlined in the National Honor Society Constitution.

The National Honor Society began in 1921 to honor students who have demonstrated excellence.  The Society estimates that more than one million students participate in NHS activities, with chapters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada.  For more information see the NHS website. http://www.nhs.us/

Congratulations to all the new inductees for 2014-2015.

Adam Alper
Megan Alper
Seth Altman
Kyra Armstrong
David Babikian
Sami Belkadi
Kevin Bennett
John Borelli
Samuel Bozkurtian
Leah Brams
Cara Bumcrot
Richard Butler
Erin Cantor
Langston Chen
Tony Chen
Josephine Cooper
Shannon Corrigan
Benjamin Cunningham
Victor Dankens
Lucinda Dearden
Anupuma Dinesh
Alexandra Dionne
Byuri Eom
Elizabeth Ferrante
Julia Fontana
Eva Gallagher
Alexander Gharibian
David Gibson
Sophia Guzikowski
Anna Handte-Reinecker
Lowell Haska
Christine Hraiz
Meredith Hughes
Chihiro Ichikawa
Isabella Jaen Maisonet
Lucas Jenkins
Todd Johnson
Frederick Jones
Madison Josefiak
Amanda Jung
Ryan Keeth
Madison Kelts
Samantha Kelts
Denise Khor
Helena Kim
Risa Kim
Sophia Klimasmith
Annierose Klingbeil
Michelle Kornberg
Katelyn LaRussa
Emma Lester
Elizabeth Levy
Maggie Liu
Erica Loh
Kerri Lynch
Richard Ma
Kate Macauley
Natalie MacKinnon-Booth
Grace Maddox
Vanessa Maione
Anna Makar-Liminov
Solomon Mankin
Eli Martin
Colleen McDonough
Hannah Messenger
Lia Muckjian
Renuka Nannapaneni
Samantha Nelson
Renna Nikolaidis
Suzanne Noone
Sarah Noorouzi
Margaret O'Brien
Francesca Pellegrini
Nina Pellegrini
Emma Pierce-Hoffman
Emily Polansky
Daniel Quinn
Hannah Read
Carlos Rendon
Isabelle Rich
Julia Rifkin
Daniel Rizzo
Katrina Rizzuto
Katrina Rokosz
Giulianna Ruiz-Shah
Julia Samuelian
Ritika Saxena
Tyler Setterlund
Margaret Shea
Ari Silverfine
Sonal Singh
Brian Smith
Tae Young Son
Sai-Aksharah Sriraman
John Stewart
Sarah Stewart
Jessica Strokowski
Rebecca Tannabaum
Andrei Tong
Ryan Touzjian
Naomi Tuber
Carly Tymm
Seth Warner
Samantha Xu
Lynnea Young
Anya Zhang