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Belmont Public Schools News

Belmont – Level One District

There is good news for the Belmont Public Schools and the Town.  The Belmont Public Schools has earned the designation of a Level One District by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This distinction is only held by a few school districts in our state. As we look at the data it is wonderful to see such strong student growth at the Chenery Middle School as well as continued strong scores across all six schools. 

I would like to thank our students and teachers who work hard to engage in relevant and rigorous work each day. Also, a special thank you to our administrators and our parents/guardians, whose support and leadership is essential to our success.  I know the Belmont community is proud that our town recognizes and values the importance of education and understands how supporting great schools and programs is one of the reasons that makes the Town of Belmont a great place to live.


"All Massachusetts districts and schools with sufficient data are classified into one of five accountability and assistance levels, with the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5. In general, a district is classified into the level of its lowest performing school, unless the district was classified into Level 4 or 5 as a result of action by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Massachusetts uses the Progress and Performance Index (PPI) to assess the improvement of each district and school toward its own targets. The PPI combines information about narrowing proficiency gaps, growth, and graduation and dropout rates into a single number. All districts, schools, and student subgroups with sufficient data are assigned an annual PPI based on two years of data and a cumulative PPI between 0 and 100 based on three annual PPIs. For a district or school to be considered to be making progress toward narrowing proficiency gaps, the cumulative PPI for both the "all students" group and high needs students must be 75 or higher."

John P. Phelan
Belmont Public Schools Superintendent