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Belmont Public Schools News

Beech Street Center - upcoming events

Belmont High School Jazz Collective
Tuesday, June 10, 4:30 P.M.:  Free!

The BHS Jazz Collective is an 18-piece big band that performs a wide range of jazz repertoire – from the classics of the Swing Era to contemporary selections by current jazz artists. The students who perform in this ensemble are among the most outstanding high school musicians in the state. This free concert is appropriate for listeners of all ages, and promises to be a wonderfully entertaining event.

Open Rehearsal and Sing-along with Arnie Rosen and Friends
Tuesday, June 17, 5 P.M.

Belmont resident Arnie Rosen has played guitar for over 50 years, and isn't bad on several other instruments as well. You may remember him on banjo at the puppet show staged recently. He will be joined by one or two other friends, and they will play you dance tunes from around the world, as well as sing-alongs. 
(Maybe parents on the following one, since it’s the middle of the school day!)

Butler School 4th Grade Chorus
Thursday, June 12, 10-10:30 A.M.

This 42 member chorus has been rehearsing once a week since September!  They will sing a variety of choral works for you written especially for children.

Their conductor, Mrs. Rosanne Mili teaches K-4 students and has been a teacher at the Butler for 31 years! Their accompanist, Mr. Craig McMahon is the music teacher at the Wellington School and assists Mrs. Mili with both the 3rd and 4th grade choruses at Butler.  He is a recent graduate of Boston University. (Again maybe parents on the following one, since it’s the middle of the school day!)

Music from the Chenery School
Tuesday, June 17, 1:15 P.M.

Come out to hear some music from our young friends from Chenery!

  • The Chenery Flute Ensemble, 
  • The Chenery Double Reed Ensemble 
  • The Sixth Grade Jazz Combo.

Piano Recital:  Gradus ad Parnassum 
Friday, June 20, 6 P.M.

The title is an apt one—it is Latin for “Steps to Parnassus”—gradual progress in learning piano.  The ACH Piano Studio and pianist Ani Hovsepian will present a recital featuring 21 young musicians, the majority of whom are Belmont residents.  From young beginners to advanced musicians, the students all share love for music and take special pride in offering their achievements to the Town’s  seniors.  They hope to foster interest in classical music and create a generation-to-generation bond!

Abraham Lincoln: New Reflections on the Gettysburg Address
Tuesday, July 1, 1:15 P.M. Free.

This is one after school has ended, but older students may be interested. Belmont resident Al Smith’s enthusiasm for the Civil War began 40 years ago when he met another enthusiastic man who, in his youth, had been acquainted with a Civil War veteran. Al is an expert on the war, a valued speaker in  venues around the country and has founded or been a charter member of many Civil War roundtables in Massachusetts. He has promoted the study of the Civil War by providing speakers, arranging trips to battlefields in many states, and raising funds for educational programs at local schools, as well as scholarships for promising students of American history.  What better way to usher in Independence Day by reflecting on one of  the most famous speeches in American history!