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COVID Case Reporting Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dear Members of the Belmont Public Schools Community,

I write to inform you that 4 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in our school community.

Week of 9/22/2021:

  • 2 new COVID-19 positive cases at Winn Brook School
  • 2 new COVID-19 positive cases at Belmont High School
  • These cases were not connected or related to previous cases identified in the schools
  • Close contacts were identified among the school community in all cases  
  • As a part of the contact tracing protocol, the close contacts have been notified by our Nursing staff 
  • BPS COVID protocol documentation has been provided to all parties and our Nursing staff has reinforced mitigation strategies

Please note that, according to regulations, we cannot provide specific information about our school community member(s) who tested positive beyond what is stated above.

Parents/Guardians of students who were in close contact with the community member have been notified privately. We are following the latest DESE protocols regarding close contacts.  Please see our district website for more information on contact tracing and COVID-19 scenarios. For more information, please see the  MA DESE COVID Site.

Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms and keep your child home if he/she/they shows any symptoms or is not feeling well. We remind all community members that it is imperative for all Belmont Public School students be evaluated for symptoms of COVID-19 each day before sending them off to school.  Please refer to the COVID-19 Daily Screening Checklist for students.

We are committed to continuous communication with and support of families. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school nurse. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Wishing you continued health,


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools

CC:    J. Darias, Assistant Superintendent
         B. Rumley, BPS Director of Nursing
         W. Chin, Belmont Health Department
         K. Koza, Chenery Middle School Principal
         I. Taylor, Belmont High School Principal 
         A.Mecklenburg, Winn Brook Principal