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Happy National Volunteer Week from the FBE!

Happy National Volunteer Week from the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE)

April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week, and a timely opportunity to write about one of the biggest volunteer based organizations in town, the Foundation for Belmont Education. Aside from one part-time paid administrator, all the amazing work achieved by the FBE is done entirely by volunteers!

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, this past year, FBE volunteers worked diligently putting together exciting events like the Virtual Apple Run and the Virtual Spelling & Trivia Bee. They have awarded Rapid Response grants to address educational needs arising from the pandemic, are delivering “bunches of sunshine” daffodils to brighten spirits, and all the while, continue to raise funds for grants and special initiatives (www.fbe-belmont.org/impact). It is thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers that the FBE has been able to deliver continuous support to the Belmont Public Schools. Thank you FBE volunteers, past and present, for your time, your energy, and your dedication!

A handful of the hundreds of volunteers the FBE has relied on over the years (since 1993)!

Photographs: A handful of the hundreds of volunteers the FBE has relied on over the years (since 1993)! From students, to teachers, to parents, to superheroes. Everyone can help, and have fun helping!

Who volunteers with the FBE? Some have children or grandchildren in the schools, some have no children in the school system, but want to support the next generation of future Belmontians. Some are students or teachers in the BPS system. Some volunteers will commit an hour or two a year at their favorite FBE events, while others serve on the Program Committee or on the FBE Board in a more formal capacity. We currently have 23 board members, from which 6 members form our Executive Committee — this includes the President, Treasurer, VP Fundraising, VP Programs, VP Marketing, and a Secretary. In a typical year we host the FBE Apple Run, the Spelling Bee, the Spring Fundraiser, and the Outstanding Teacher Awards. These events are co-chaired by board members, or by a member of the board and a community volunteer.

Have you considered volunteering with the FBE? The FBE welcomes new volunteers always! Whatever amount of time or level of interest you have, there is a way to become involved. From fundraising to event planning and management, from administrative work to graphic and web design, whether looking to give a couple of hours or to make a larger commitment, the FBE has a place for YOU! To learn more about FBE volunteer opportunities, please visit www.fbe-belmont.org/support or email volunteer@fbe-belmont.org or info@fbe-belmont.org.

To those of you who volunteered with the FBE last week, last month, last year, or anytime in the last 25 years (yes, the FBE has been making a difference in the public schools for that long), THANK YOU and Happy Volunteer Week! We could not have done it without you, and we look forward to many more years working with wonderful, invaluable volunteers.

ABOUT THE FBE: The Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the Belmont Public Schools. The funds it raises from events such as the Spelling Bee, the FBE Apple Run, and the Spring Fundraiser play a pivotal role in enriching the education provided by the Belmont Public Schools.