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Update for K-4 Families Regarding Survey Results

Dear K-4 Families, 

Thank you for your responses to the survey asking whether your child will attend school in-person or remote. I wanted to be in touch with an update on the survey results and our plans going forward.

At this point 91% of our K-4 students have elected to attend school in-person and 9% have elected to attend school remotely. The exact percentages vary among grades and schools. Our elementary school principals and teachers are currently working on the details of how they will move students and teachers to accommodate each student’s choice. As they make these decisions they will keep these and other questions in mind:

  • How do we ensure reasonable class sizes?
  • Which classes have already experienced teacher turnover this year?
  • What is the specific student composition of the class and what services (academic, social-emotional, language, etc.) are involved?
  • What is the physical capacity of each classroom (given distancing guidelines) and how do we match spaces with classes?
  • How do we best leverage teacher expertise at various levels?

I am very pleased to report that because of the breakdown of students who have chosen each model, we expect to be able to staff our classrooms to a large degree with current Belmont teaching staff. We may have to hire a very small number of new teachers and will keep you apprised of the hiring situation. 

I would also like to note that we have heard feedback from remote families that they would like to understand which administrators will be responsible for each remote learning classroom. While all of our elementary principals will stay deeply involved with the remote classrooms, they will each be taking primary responsibility for one or more grades. We will share more information about which principal will be responsible for which grade(s) when the remote classrooms are finalized. 

Each elementary school will be in touch with you by March 29th in order to share your child’s classroom and teacher assignment going forward. You will also be hearing from your school nurse regarding Covid protocols. In the meantime please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools