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Support and Solidarity

Dear Belmont Community,

The Belmont Public Schools Equity Team and all BPS educators and staff are saddened and disappointed by current events targeting Asians, Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders. Six Asian-American women were brutally murdered at work in Atlanta. This is one very jarring example that comes during a year of increased scapegoating and racism against the Asian community. We won’t tolerate this in our schools or in our community and will work against it. We stand up against all types of racism and stand in solidarity with our Asian community.

Here is a website to report a hate incident as well as resources to support our AAPI community: Stop AAPI Hate. Please see additional resources below. If your student is feeling unwelcome or uncomfortable in any way, your teachers and staff are here to help you and them. Please reach out to me, your teacher or other trusted adult, or any member of the District Equity Team if you have any concerns or suggestions. If you see something, say something.

John P. Phelan and the District Equity Team:

Danielle Betancourt
John Bracey
Brenda Charles
Janice Darias
Lindi DeLorio
Karen Duff
Tanya Ekmekji
Karla Koza
Denise LaPolla
Anita Mecklenburg
Theresa Milstein
Patrick Mongeau
Kendra Nnyanzi
Seeley Okie
Heidi Paisner-Roffman
Louisa Popkin
Molly Quinn
Jamie Shea
John Sullivan
Isaac Taylor
Erin Thibeault
Gordon Trinh

Additional resources:


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools
Town of Belmont