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Fifty-seven Belmont art students in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards

Scholastic Art Awards

Each year the Boston Globe presents the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards to outstanding middle and high school artists across the state. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has an impressive legacy http://www.artandwriting.org/bold-ideas dating back to 1923. Over the years, the Awards have grown to become the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in the U.S., and the nation's largest source of scholarships for creative young artists and writers. A noteworthy roster of past winners includes Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Robert Redford, Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King, John Updike, and many more http://www.artandwriting.org/the-awards/alumni/.

This year, fifty-seven students from Chenery Middle School and Belmont High School made submissions and were honored by the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. Many of these submissions will move on to be considered for regional and national awards in the coming weeks and months.

Congratulations to all of these young artists, and thanks to their teachers, Kat Byrnes, Mark Milowsky and Andrew Roy for all of their work assisting with these submissions.

CMS Students

Octavia Leeb                     Drawing and Painting                     "Untitled"                          Gold Key

Octavia Leeb                     Drawing and Painting                     "Society"                            Honorable Mention

Quan Yu                              Drawing and Painting                     "Imagination"

Nathaniel Taylor               Drawing and Painting                     "Self Portrait with Lights" Honorable Mention

Maya Vernick                    Drawing and Painting                     "Tree Portrait"                  Drawing and Painting

Jessica Auerbach              Drawing and Painting                     "Poco"

Lauren Carpenter             Drawing and Painting                     "Me and My Friends"

Evy Dibble                          Drawing and Painting                     "Red Booth"                      Silver Key

Abigail Mohr                      Drawing and Painting                     "Thought Balloon"           Gold Key

Soon Jeong Kwon             Drawing and Painting                     "Hanbok"

Laurent Brabo                   Drawing and Painting                     "Drummer Boy"                Gold Key

Deniz Dutton                     Drawing and Painting                     "Looking Over the Mountains"

Kihyo Park                          Drawing and Painting                     "Self Portrait"                   Silver Key

Olga Katayenko                Drawing and Painting                     "Little Blue"                       Honorable Mention

Phoebe Derba                   Drawing and Painting                     "Therapy"                          Silver Key

Samantha Dignan             Drawing and Painting                     "Art in Progress"               Silver Key

Jia Zhang                            Drawing and Painting                     "Living in Your Words"    Gold Key

Maryah Drinkard               Drawing and Painting                     "Live Fast Die Young"

Lydia Fick                            Photography                                     "Peaceful Dance"

BHS Students

Sophie Bonstrom              Painting               "Reflective Perceptions"               Honorable Mention

Gavin Denison                   Painting               "Self Portrait"                                  Gold Key

Kellianne Doyle                 Photography       "Infinte"                                            Silver Key

Olivia Fan                           Painting               "Enlightenment"                              Gold Key

Darcy Feely                        Painting               "Into Reality"                                   Honorable Mention

Anna Handtereinecker     Photography       "Bird Man"                                        Silver Key

Anna Handtereinecker     Photography       "Biker Dude"                                    Honorable Mention

Anna Handtereinecker     Photography       "Nostalgia"                                       Honorable Mention

Chihiro Ichikawa               Painting               "Glory"                                              Gold Key

Hayoung Jo                        Painting               Untitled                                             Honorable Mention

Hayoung Jo                        Painting               "A Day Outside"                               Silver Key

Sam Kerans                        Photography       "Voltaire's Judgment"                    Silver Key

Sam Kerans                        Photography       "Modern Individualism"                 Honorable Mention

Anna Khatchaturova        Painting               "Vita Ex Machina"                           Honorable Mention

Christin Kim                        Painting               "Sentiment With Spirit"                  Gold Key

Najin Kim                            Mixed Media      "Untied"                                            Gold Key

Julia Klein                           Painting               "Immerse"                                        Honorable Mention

Clare Lai                             Painting               "Incision"                                          Honorable Mention

Leah Manolis                     Photography       "Scorched Mare"                             Gold Key

Leah Manolis                     Photography       "Love and Respect"                        Silver Key

Julia MacLean                   Painting               "Self Portrait"                                  Gold Key

Sarah Migeed                    Photography       "Rachel"                                            Honorable Mention

Sarah Migeed                    Photography       "Pillars"                                             Gold Key

Reina Nagashima             Photography       "Ascension"                                      Silver Key

Joanna Nanajian               Painting               "Inverted Joy"                                  Honorable Mention

Maggie O'Brien                 Photography       "Cosmic Water"                              Silver Key

Chris Owens                       Photography       "Exit From the Underground"       Gold Key

Kimberly Paquette            Painting               "Queen of America"                       Gold Key

Lauren Paquette               Painting               "Content"                                         Gold Key

Hae Soo Park                     Painting               "The Wind"                                       Silver Key

Jihwan Park                        Drawing               "Self Portrait"                                  Gold Key

Anastasia Pulak                 Painting               "Colors of Change"                         Silver Key

Cheng Qin                          Painting               "Under Pressure"                            Gold Key

Kate Saylor                         Painting               "Reach"                                             Silver Key

Brenna Sorkin                    Painting               "Inches"                                            Gold Key

Sabine Strauch                  Painting               "The World Without Color"          Gold Key

Catherine Tang                 Painting               "Through the Looking Glass"        Gold Key

Sierra Tseng                       Drawing               "The Cat"                                          Gold Key

Vituna Veeragandham     Painting               "Flames of Tradition"                     Silver Key

Amy Wang                         Painting               "Chaos in Contemplation"            Gold Key

Amy Wang                         Drawing               "Self Portrait"                                  Honorable Mention

Amy Wang                         Painting               "When You Play Alone"                 Silver Key

Samantha Xu                     Painting               "Autophagia"                                   Honorable Mention

Hongsen Yang                   Painting               "Fiat Lux"                                          Silver Key

Eileen You                          Painting               "Reflections Within the Window"   Honorable Mention