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Belmont Special Education Advisory Council Events


1)  Retrain the Brain March 26, 2014 Parent Information Session, 6:30pm Parent Mingle, 7pm Presentation  (see enclosed flyer
2)  BSEAC Coffee/Tea – March 27, 2014, 10:30am, Brueggers Bagels 41 Leonard Street
3)  BSEAC Mar, Apr Sessions and May 21st is our Award Ceremony (see enclosed flyer

1)  ReTrain the Brain: March 26, 2014 Parent Information Session 

Here is the flow: 
6:30pm: Parent Mingle
7:00pm: Presentation
8:00pm: Q&A
8:30pm: Individual one on on Q&A
8:45pm: End (We have to be out of the building at 9pm.)  

Where:  Butler Elementary School in the Library (2nd floor), 90 White Street, Belmont MA 02478.  Park in the parking lot and come in front entrance and follow signs to Library, 2nd floor

Topic:  ReTrain the Brain – Nuerofeedback to improve Brain Function Dr. Jolene Ross will discuss Neurofeedback as it relates to drug-free options and/or reduced drug options or integrative medicine. Successful case studies will be highlighted. Dr. Ross will describe what Neurofeedback and biofeedback are, how they work, what a brain map is, and how it is used as a base line for re-training your child’s brain. Biofeedback/Neurofeedback can address a number of common issues including: learning disabilities, behavioral problems, developmental delay, social/ emotional issues, medical conditions (like autism or asperger’s), psychological issues, and even some physical issues—like tics, chronic pain and more. 

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jolene, Ross, Ph.D is the Founder and Director of Advanced Neurotherapy, a wellness clinic that utilizes Behavioral Medicine applications such as Quantitative EEG Analysis and Neurofeedback. Dr. Ross works with individuals and families challenged with neuro-cognitive, neuro-emotional and neuro-developmental disorders. Dr. Ross, a Licensed Psychologist, received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Boston College in 1985. She studied with Dr. Joseph Cautela, a founder of the fields of Behavior Therapy and Behavioral Medicine. For more information on Biofeedback/Neurofeed- back check out the website at www.retrainyourbrain.com

Please note all monthly BSEAC Parent Information Sessions are open to ALL parents and are filmed and aired by the BMC (Belmont Media Center).   Refreshments are served.

RSVP's appreciated:   Text Mary Jo Peterman at 617-721-2634 (name, grade, # of parents/friends attending) or email at bseacemail@gmail.com

2) March 27th  Coffee/Tea: 10:30am at (Brueggers Bagels 41 Leonard Street) in Belmont

Would you like to get together with other parents who have children receiving services during the morning hours after the kids have been dropped off at school to have a cup of coffee/tea and support one another?  If yes, then mark your calendar for a once a month Morning Coffee from 10:30am to 11:30am.  The next Coffee/Tea will be at Brueggers Bagels,  41 Leonard Street in Belmont Center. 

3)  BSEAC Calendar of Events 

Mark your calendar for the rest of the year and plan to attend the next BSEAC Parent Information Sessions.  And don't forget to start thinking about those teachers, staff, tutors, etc. that you would like to appreciate this year by honoring them with a BSEAC award and have them and you attend our lovely Awards ceremony on 5/21st.  The form is ready and available for you to start your nominations! click here 


4)  BSEAC Past Presentations.  Did you miss a past BSEAC Parent Information Session and did not get an opportunity to attend?  By clicking on the link below you will be directed to our wonderful partner Belmont Media Center where you can view past presentations.  If you need past handouts, contact one of the co-chair's listed below and we will be happy to send you the PDF's we have on file. 


Q: What is the BSEAC?

A: The Belmont Special Education Advisory Council (BSEAC) is Belmont’s special education parent advisory council (SEPAC), mandated by Massachusetts state law. We are family members of children with disabilities who educate each other, collaborate with school professionals, and exchange ideas and information. We welcome participation from all interested community members.

If you would like to be involved or just get additional information regarding Special Education supports for Parents, we encourage you to join our
BSEAC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com for more information. 

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, suggestions, or if you would like to get involved, etc., contact us – we would love to hear from you.
Mary Jo Peterman, Co-Chair
Phone:  617-721-2634

Heather LaPierre, Co-Chair
Phone: (617) 872-0774