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FBE Announces Grant Awards Totaling $29,547

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Congratulations! The Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) is pleased to announce and summarize the awards that were recently approved for the 2019-2020 academic year. Attached is a summary of twelve Learning Excellence Grants, awarded to Belmont Public Schools on May 29, 2020, totaling $29,547.

We are very grateful for the generous support that the FBE receives from the Belmont community, which allows the FBE to provide this well-deserved support to the Belmont Public Schools.

With this outstanding support, we look forward to making many more grants to our schools in the coming years.

Foundation for Belmont Education 
Learning Excellence Awards - Spring 2020 

Awarded April 6, 2020

Lisa O'Sullivan Burbank School Greg Tang Math To bring the Greg Tang Math full-day program to Burbank Elementary School to provide creative and engaging ways for K-4 students to learn math. $6,995
Patrick Mongeau Burbank School Let Off Some STEAM at 2nd Grade Recess To purchase games and a cart to enrich 2nd grade indoor recess times with STEAM-related activities. $1,500
Justin Chiu Butler School Math Games for Fourth Grade To provide the 4th grade with additional games for math centers to increase students' engagement, motivation, communication and critical thinking. $564
Meaghan Clow Wellington School ELMO Document Camera Grant To purchase ELMO cameras to provide immediate sharing of student work and texts to allow students to fully engage with content in real time. $1,800
Lindsay DeBello Wellington School Flexible Seating Choices for Increasingly Diverse Learners To purchase flexible seating options for all kindergarten classes to increase core strength, improve posture, and create an inviting learning environment. $775
Janet Carey Winn Brook School Math Makeover To purchase math books and games to increase students' engagement, motivation, communication and critical thinking in mathematics. $2,800
Sarah Libertini Chenery Middle School Implementing Digital Art into the Chenery Middle School Visual Art Curriculum To purchase 2 iPads and other tools for Chenery art teachers to explore the benefits of integrating ipads into current art classroom curriculum and practices. $920
Jennifer Mathews Chenery Middle School Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Instruction Purple System for Reading Intervention/SpEd To purchase the Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Instruction system (LLI) for all levels at CMS to ensure that students identified for Tier III reading intervention and IEPs receive appropriate reading instruction. $5,395
Adam Niles Chenery Middle School Including Diverse Voices in a Grade 7 Literature Circle Unit To purchase and pilot a new novel that features diverse voices and subject matter for a Grade 7 English Literature Circle unit. $1,000
Deborah McDevitt Chenery Middle School Grade 7 Culturally Responsive Classroom Grant To purchase relevant picture books and puzzles that will provide diverse voices and learning styles in Grade 7 World Geo classrooms. $1,398
Lisa Hurtubise Belmont High School Capstone Resources Paired Text Book Cart To purchase long fiction and nonfiction print resources for students to complete their Senior Capstone Project. $1,600
Jessica DeFrances System-Wide Sense Making Mathematics Through Counting Collections To provide kindergarten and 1st grade classroom teachers district-wide with Counting Collections to support the math curriculum and to facilitate student learning. $4,800
      TOTAL  GRANTS AWARDED - SPRING 2020: $29,547