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Attend the Virtual Vigil

Dear Belmont Community -

I write today to address the racial and civil unrest that we are all experiencing locally and across our country as we all try to comprehend the death of George Floyd. This past week we have seen an incredible outpouring of frustration, anger, sadness, and a clear desire to see systematic change in all aspects of how the issue of race is experienced in our community and nation.

The daily experiences of racism by our black and brown students and families is real and not acceptable on an individual and systematic level.

We support, respect, and value our black and brown community. We take pride in our efforts to learn and understand the impact that racism has on the lives of our black and brown students, families, and our community members. We will continue to use our learning and professional development as a district to increase our capacity to understand, support, and learn together on the issue of race and equity in the Belmont Public Schools and the responsibility that we all have to dismantle systemic and institutional racism and create a more equitable world for all. The more our entire community can learn and understand the long standing issues of racism and inequity the sooner we can address the fundamental issues of change needed.

We hope and expect that our past work as a school district combined with our deep relationship with Belmont Against Racism and community supporters on the wide range of issues of equity, race, access, and respect for all human beings will continue to be prioritized in Belmont.

As such we encourage our students, families, and community to take part in the Virtual Vigil taking place on June 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm. This event is organized by Belmont Against Racism, Belmont Religious Council and the Human Rights Commission. We are thankful to our community groups as well as the participation of Belmont Police Department and local leaders who support this work.


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools
Belmont, Massachusetts

Attachment: Belmont Virtual Unity Vigil Invitation

Live on the BMC Website: bit.ly/BMC-PublicTV

Add to your calendar: iCal 6/4/2020 7:00 PM to 6/4/2020 9:00 PM