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Superintendent Operational Update: Friday, March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020

Dear Families and Staff -

Yesterday we announced the closing of our schools along with our neighboring cities and towns in an effort to make a regional impact on the spreading of COVID-19.

I am writing today to provide an update on what we are discussing and planning as an operational plan moving forward for our school department. Please be aware, we have learned that what we plan for today could be changed by shifting circumstances that we face as soon as tomorrow. Our goal is to keep you updated and informed as we take on this challenge as a community.

School Closure

At this point in time Belmont Public Schools are closed through Friday, March 27, 2020. This timeline may change as we learn more from our federal, state and local Boards of Health.

Although Central Office will remain open, in an attempt to limit person to person interactions, all questions should be sent via email or phone.  School building access will be limited to staff only at this time.

Continued Learning

The Belmont Public Schools Leadership Council will be meeting to discuss and provide guidance on this issue. This may include sending a series of resources to our families by grade-level and subject. These are ideas for activities and log-in options for students and families who want to utilize them. Please note, this may not be similar to the online learning as is currently being described for colleges and universities.

Student homework grades, test scores and such will not be negatively impacted by this pause and school closure.  We will address these concerns when we return to normal classroom operations. We know educators and families have questions, and we want to let you know our Leadership Team is currently working through those issues to determine the appropriate next steps. We do not have all of the answers to the multitude of possible questions at this point in time but be assured we are working to keep our community safe as we plan for continuing student education.

Contact Information

COVID-19 Informational Hotline - 617-993-2222                   

Town Board of Health Director, Wesley Chin - 617-993-2720                   

School Superintendent, John Phelan - 617-993-5401                   

Assistant Superintendent, Janice Darias - 617-993-5410                   

Belmont High School Principal, Isaac Taylor - 617-993-5901                   

Chenery Middle School Principal, Michael McAllister - 617-993-5801                   

Burbank Elementary Principal, Seeley Okie - 617-993-5505                   

Butler Elementary Principal, Danielle Betancourt - 617-993-5551                   

Wellington Principal, Heidi Paisner-Roffman - 617-993-5601               

Winn Brook Principal, Janet Carey - 617-993-5701                   

Student Services Director, Kenneth Kramer - 617-993-5440                   

Food Services Director, Dustin O’Brien - 617-993-5871                   


The Belmont Public Schools will be providing lunch for our students who access our free and reduced meals program. The specifics are below.

Meal Pick Ups Available Starting Monday, March 16th

Belmont Food Services will be offering breakfast and lunch pick up at Belmont High School starting Monday, March 16th for students on free or reduced meal benefit status only. Each day, one (1) breakfast and (1) lunch will be available for each student – meals will not be available for parents, guardians or students not enrolled with Belmont Public Schools. Food Services will not be making a central drop to any outside locations.

Dates and Time

Monday 3/16: 10 AM to 12 PM

Tuesday 3/17: 9 AM to 11 AM

Wednesday 3/18: 9 AM to 11 AM


Belmont High School Parking Lot - Main Entrance Loading Dock Area (Weather Permitting)

Tables and tents will be set up and please park in a marked spot and proceed to check in.

Menu Items

Prepackaged Meals

  • Grab N’ Go Sandwiches
  • Breakfast Items (bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins, etc.)
  • Assorted Fruits
  • Assorted Beverages

Payment / What to Bring?

There will be no payment accepted for meals. All meals will be provided free of charge but please note you must currently be receiving free or reduced meal benefits with Belmont Public Schools. Food services will have a roster ready where we’ll check off students each day.

  • Identification
  • Bags to transport meals

On Wednesday, March 18th, we will assess the volume and update times for additional dates as needed. You will be informed via email.

The Town of Belmont and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has and will continue to take the necessary steps to keep our children, families and staff safe.  We ask for and appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we thoughtfully work our way through this pandemic in a collaborative and informed manner.

I would like to thank the School Department Leadership Team and the following Town Department Heads who have supported and partnered with the Belmont Public Schools:

Patrice Garvin, Town Administrator
Wesley Chin, Director of Board of Health
Steve Dorrance, Director of Facilities
Chief MacIsaac, Chief of Police
Chief Frizzell and Assistant Chief Wayne Haley, Belmont Fire Department


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools
Town of Belmont