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A Message from the Superintendent Regarding COVID-19; Update #6

Dear Families and Staff:

After considerable discussions with the Belmont Board of Health, and to be consistent with Governor Baker’s recommendations in his declaration of a State of Emergency on Tuesday, March 10, we are canceling all large-group events in our schools beginning Thursday, March 12. These events would be school field trips, concerts, plays, performances, large-group events such as speakers and night events at schools, parent and guardian visits to classrooms and school conferences.

We are advising our principals and directors to use their discretion, in accordance with the guidance from the state and the board of health, to cancel events at their specific schools. For now, this will cover the period of time between Thursday, March 12 to Friday, April 3. We will review the latest state and local board of  health guidance during that time to decide if April cancellations warrant the same attention.

While it is disappointing to cancel events people have worked so hard for, we are first and foremost concerned with providing a safe environment at our schools for students, parents, guardians, and staff. These cancellations are inconvenient but represent our commitment to adhere to the best recommendations during this ever-changing health climate.

Your principals and directors will be contacting you with more specifics and guidelines. During this challenging time, we appreciate the continued patience and understanding from the Belmont community.


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools
Belmont, Massachusetts