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MMEA All-State and Junior Districts Results

MMEA All-State and Northeast Junior District Festival 2020

Over the past two weekends music students from Belmont High School and Chenery Middle School have auditioned for a variety of honors ensembles. Auditions for the Massachusetts Music Educators (MMEA) All-State Band, Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble took place at Shrewsbury High School on January 25. This past weekend, auditions for the MMEA Northeast Junior District Festival (Grades 7-9) took place in Wakefield.

Our music teaching faculty are incredibly proud and grateful for the work that all of these students have put into preparing for their auditions. This process has made them stronger musicians and contributors to our performing ensembles at BHS and CMS. Regardless of the result of their auditions, every student who did the work and took the artistic risk of auditioning deserves to feel proud of what they have accomplished.

We are happy to announce that 45 students from grades 7-9 were accepted to the MMEA Northeast Junior District Festival, and that 22 students from BHS were accepted to perform at the All-State Festival in Boston (March 5-7). This is an astronomical number of All-State acceptances for our school. Though we do not keep official statistics on this, we believe that this is by far the largest student contingent we have sent to the All-State Festival in many, many years.

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students who were accepted to MMEA honors ensembles this year. This is a reflection of your hard work in the practice rooms and of the exceptional music-making you engage in each day in school with your music teachers. This is also a result of the overwhelming value our families and community members place on the role of music education in the lives of our children. 

The following BHS students were accepted to participate in the MMEA 2020 All-State Festival:

Rebecca Anderson Tuba
Elijah Barnes Chorus
Lot Bates Cello
Alyssa Chen Violin
Jasmine Chen French Horn
Madeleine Christensen Chorus
Lydia Haddad French Horn
Zhixing Huang Chorus
Aditya Jain Jazz Trombone
Seiyoung Jang Trumpet
Tilda Jones Flute
Daniel Joh Kang Violin
Edward Lee Chorus
Andrew Lu Violin
Colin Martin Bassoon
Chloe Park Trombone
Jessica Peng Flute
Irene Son Clarinet
Ian Svetkey Chorus
Bianca Windemuth Viola
Alexander Yang Cello
Kenneth Zhou Tuba


The following students in Grades 7-9 were accepted to participate in the MMEA 2020 Northeast Junior District Festival:

Claire Boyle Chorus CMS
Parker Brookins Trumpet CMS
Yoojin Choi Cello CMS
Kira Davidson Flute CMS
Richard Deng Violin CMS
Bethany Eagar French Horn CMS
Kathleen Gao Violin CMS
Lillian Ge Viola CMS
Owen Hickman Clarinet CMS
Sophia Jensen Bassoon CMS
Diana Kalantar Trumpet CMS
Daniel Kim Cello CMS
Ethan Kim Trombone CMS
Meredith Knauff Cello CMS
Sam Kutsman Clarinet CMS
Ian Lee Violin CMS
Joshua Lee Bassoon CMS
Derek Leigh Trumpet CMS
Ellie Lesser Tuba CMS
Simiao Li Violin CMS
Clodagh Liang Violin CMS
Aaron Lubetsky Jazz Trombone CMS
Jacob Lubetsky Jazz Trumpet CMS
Olivia Mann Chorus CMS
Rebecca Michaud Chorus CMS
Hugh Montana String Bass CMS
Su Min Pyo Clarinet CMS
Jiali Shi Cello CMS
Ylfan Shi Violin CMS
Jack Stevens Viola CMS
Christina Xi Violin CMS
Ashley Yao Violin CMS
Evan Zhang Clarinet CMS
Renee Zhao Violin CMS
Serena Zhu Violin CMS
Sean Dong Violin BHS
Faith Kwon Violin BHS
Levia Li Chorus BHS
Crystal Liu Clarinet BHS
Nick Mazzoni Clarinet BHS
Grace Murphy Flute BHS
Juliette Peng Flute BHS
Subin Pyo Violin BHS
Camryn Thebado Chorus BHS
Gretchen Westover Violin BHS