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Thriving in a Diverse World: Raising Racially Aware Children

Supporting Healthy Ethnic-Racial Identity
Development In All Youth: What Families Can Do
And Why This Is Critical For Student Success
Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Chenery Auditorium
6:30 - 8:00 pm

5TH ANNUAL PARENT LECTURE SERIES: Thriving in a Diverse World: Raising Racially Aware Children

Students are growing up in a society in which issues of race and ethnicity are highly salient due to daily media reports of ethnic-racial conflicts, news coverage that constantly reveals ethnic-racial disparities, and daily interactions with their peers (face-to-face and via social media) that are laced with ethnic-racial undertones. These messages and experiences are highly influential for youths’ development, particularly as they are seeking to better understand who they are and who they can become. Families play a significant role in helping youth navigate and make sense of these complex realities in a way that can promote rather than inhibit positive youth development (e.g., academic achievement, positive social relationships, mental health). In this presentation, Dr. Umaña-Taylor will discuss what decades of research has now uncovered regarding how youth develop a healthy ethnic-racial identity, the critical role that families play in this process, and the significant positive consequences that healthy ethnic-racial identity development can have for all youth as they progress from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood.

PRESENTER: Dr. Umaña-Taylor is a Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor with expertise in developmental and cultural psychology. She is a researcher of how families and schools can best support and promote normative developmental competencies in youth and thereby reduce ethnic-racial disparities in academic and psychological outcomes. She is the co-author of "Below the Surface: Talking with Teens about Race, Ethnicity, and Identity."

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Thriving in a Diverse World: Raising Racially Aware Children

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