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National Honor Society Inductees 2018

National Honor Society Inductees 2018

Ninety-three Belmont High School (BHS) students were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) at a ceremony held at the high school on November 28.

Ashley Landry, NHS advisor, gave opening remarks, and speakers included BHS Interim Principal Thomas Brow and faculty guest speaker BHS science teacher Mark Abruzzese. NHS President Audrey Quinn, Vice-President David Hwang, Secretary Mayura Thomas, and Treasurer Tess Jenkins spoke about the attributes of a National Honor Society student. There were also musical performances by the BHS Madrigals led by Choral Director Sean Landers and the BHS Chamber Orchestra conducted by Orchestra Director Margot Reavey.

Selection of students for membership is by a faculty council and is based on the criteria of “four pillars” students must demonstrate excellence in: scholarship, service, leadership and character, along with a qualifying cumulative grade point average.  Once selected, members are required to continue to demonstrate these qualities through active involvement in school activities and community service and fulfill other responsibilities as outlined in the National Honor Society Constitution.

The National Honor Society began in 1921. The Society estimates that more than one million students participate in NHS activities, with chapters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada.

Congratulations to all the 2018 inductees:

National Honor Society Inductees 2018

Nadia Baghdady

Anna Biondo

Matthew Brody

Brian Buys

Molly Calkins

Meredith Chasse

Melina Chen

Audrey Christo

Ziyong Cui

Catherine Cunningham

Lauren Curtis

Anthony DeMarco

Pheobe Derba

Katherine Devitt

Anna Doherty

Justin Dong

Zoe Elizee

Leon Fan

Caroline Findlay

Matthew Fiore

Ella Gagnon

Ani Ganjian

Julia Giatrelis

Joshua Grassia

Ilana Gut

Alice Guyumdzhyan

Joy He

John Herlihy

Brendan Hill

Joseph Hurley

Gilchrist Imboywa

Luke Jackson

Adrine Kaligian

Benjamin Kargere

Virginie Kargere

Vassilios Kaxiras

Emily Kim

Madeline Kitch

Isabelle Lefebvre

David Leigh

Victoria Lesser

Vivian Li

Maya Logan

Kathryn Magno

Carla Maier

Jacob Makar-Limanov


Maya Manela

Romi Manela

Sara Manganelli

Lefaith Massaquoi

Caroline McLaughlin

Ella Miller

Viola Monovich

Paul Muser

Lila Newberry

Maiah Newell

Charlotte Nilsen

Meghan Noone

Justin O'Connell

Matt O'Connell-Vale

Margaret O'Connor

Chloe Park

Grace Patrone

Michael Pizzuto

Anjali Ramakrishnan

Valentine Reynolds

Kara Rowan

Emily Sabia

Kate Sandage

Migena Satyal

Lila Searls

Ella Serrano-Wu

Emmett Smith

Heather Sorenson

Timothy Starr

Nareg Stepanian

Cheyenne Stringfellow

Chloe Sturgeon

Sambridhi Subedi

Emma Sutherland

Harold Thidemann

Anvitha Veeragandham

Shankar Veludandi

Allan Wang

Alek Westover

Samantha Widdison

Matthew Wu

Andrew Xu

Sai Yeon Yoon

Lydia Yoon

Abigail Yu

Olivia Zarkadas

Hongyi Zhang