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Thanksgiving Day Football Game is On!

Dear Students, Staff, and Families,

After great thought and consideration regarding the weather forecast, the Belmont Public Schools will host the annual Thanksgiving Football game on Thanksgiving Day at 10:15 am against Watertown High School.

The school administrators from both districts discussed the weather conditions at length yesterday. Given the cold weather we have taken steps to provide several layers of accommodations for the safety of our players and coaches. The district has purchased commercial heaters to provide respite for players to access on both sides of the field. We have also purchased hand, neck and face-warmers, for the players and are looking into other garment options like blankets if needed. We are confident that these steps will provide the necessary support to hold the event safely and successfully.

We regret to announce that we will not have our band and/cheer leaders participate due to the weather and temperature concerns. This is a difficult decision as our cheerleaders and marching band have worked very hard in preparation for their important role at the game as well.

I would like to thank the many Town Department staff who make this game possible. The educators, coaches, administrators, and staff of the Belmont Public Schools, Frank Santori, Mike Santoro, and the staff of the Department of Public Works, Steven Dorrance and the staff of the Facilities Department, our Police and Fire Departments and all the Boosters and volunteers who take part in this great Thanksgiving tradition. And of course our students-athletes and student fans!

We encourage all who will attend the game tomorrow to dress extra warmly and cheer loudly for the BHS team!

May you have a wonderful, restful, and safe Thanksgiving weekend.


John P. Phelan
Superintendent of Schools
Belmont, Massachusetts