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No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

Belmont Energy Committee: 

Request a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment and Start Saving Money Now

Get your no-cost home energy assessment today and lock in financial incentives before year-end. More than 900 Belmont residents have already taken advantage of the program—help us get to 1,000 by the end of the year!

Take action now to save: visit www.sagewell.com and complete the online form or call 617-963-8141.

Now is the time to have a residential energy professional determine how you can save money this winter and beyond, make your home more comfortable,and help reduce Belmont’s carbon footprint. If you live in Belmont, whether you own or rent, and whether you heat with oil, electricity, or natural gas, you can participate. Residents heating with natural gas may receive an interest-free loan for qualified improvements and up to $2,000 for weatherization. And for a limited time, some residents can even receive a $200 rebate for installing an energy-efficient heat pump.

For every home that signs up for a no-cost energy assessment, Sagewell will donate $10 to the Belmont Food Pantry. 

Questions? Contact the Belmont Energy Committee at BetterHomesBelmont@gmail.com.